Ashling Murphy’s alleged murderer lies to jurors – Court hearing


A man who is being blamed for killing a schoolteacher in the Republic of Ireland last year has been accused of telling untrue and disrespectful lies during his trial, according to a court in Dublin.

Jozef Puska, who lives in Lynally Grove, Mucklagh in County Offaly, is accused of killing Ashling Murphy.

A 23-year-old named Ms Murphy was attacked and killed while running near Tullamore in January 2022.

Mr Puska says he did not kill her and is denying the charge.

After three weeks of presenting evidence, the lawyers for the defense and prosecution have made their final arguments in court.

The jurors will start thinking about their decision on Wednesday.

Last week, Mr. Puska testified that he was trying to assist Ms. Murphy after she was assaulted by another man. He also mentioned that the same man had attacked and stabbed him.

The court heard from Irish police officers, known as gardaí, who said that Mr. Puska confessed to killing Ms. Murphy while he was getting treated at a hospital in Dublin.

The lawyer, Anne-Marie Lawlor, said there was a lot of evidence that strongly showed Mr. Puska was guilty.

Ms Lawlor said that Ms Murphy likely had injuries caused by trying to protect herself, and DNA analysis done by forensic experts found a match with Mr Puksa.

She said to the jury that Mr. Puska said very mean lies about saving Ashling Murphy’s life.

“She said he murdered her in a very cruel way. ”

“He caused serious injuries to her that resulted in her death. ”

Ms Lawlor said that Mr. Puska told lies and untruths, some of which she thinks are very bad and contemptible. She also said that these lies made him less trustworthy and reliable.
Lawyer Michael Bowman argued that the verdict should be based solely on the facts of the case, not on feelings, bias, or favoritism.

He told the jurors not to make a decision without being open-minded.

Mr Bowman said that Mr. Puska made things worse for himself by behaving in a certain way after Ms. Murphy died One of those actions was suggesting that the clothes he was wearing that day should be destroyed.

He said that this made people suspicious of him.

But Bowman said that telling lies does not always mean someone is guilty.

He said the information about the situation was not as simple as the prosecution wants you to think.

Mr Puska arrived in court wearing a grey jacket and a shirt with no tie next to a translator.

Ms Murphy’s family were also present in court, just like they have been throughout the trial.

Trial continues…


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