Saboi Imboela
Saboi Imboela

ZAMBIA has produced a number of exceptional women across the country who have gone on to defy all odds and define the steps that their generations undertook in various spheres, at different times.

So it was so gratifying to see that at this year’s Kuomboka ceremony, a number of outstanding Lozi women were awarded the King Lewanika Award for their various works and impact in particular fields.

However, when a name like that of our very much beloved and highly intelligent King of Barotseland, King Lewanika is used, people should always make sure that everything is on point, lacks bias and is as apolitical as possible. Preserve his legacy or name your awards something that will not tarnish his name. Barotseland has produced exceptional women and I totally agree with the list of women that were awarded. But to leave out the first republican women Vice President, Ms Inonge Mutukwa Wina, is like writing our history on sand dunes.

Love her or hate her, acknowledge her or trash her legacy, historical or current issues you may have with her, you cannot deny what Ms. Wina has achieved and the ripple effect of her achievement.

She is the woman who has not only held the highest position as a Lozi woman, but the highest position as a Zambian woman. Something we should all be proud of, if not for her sake, then for the doors that her position has opened for women in almost all political parties in the country.

Because of her being in that position, it became fashionable for almost all political parties to adopt or elect female vice presidents then later running mates.

And with the women being number twos in their parties, it has made it possible to now have women emerging as number ones in their parties now or later.

We support this initiative so much that we have still looked at the brighter side even when the name of Ms. Wina conspicuously missing from this list leaves a very sour taste in the mouth.

We urge the organisers of this function to do better next time and put up something that the Lozi and Zambian women in general will be happy and proud of and not something that will now make us politicise a great initiative that should be entirely devoid of any partisan and personal bias.

Let women lead, let us appreciate all our women.


Presiden t- NDC.



  1. Give her an award yourself. Why force other people to acknowledge her. Her sins in the political arena outweigh any significant achievement she may have made. She was given Chairmanship of the party by Sata, not elected as I recall ( just like you); found herself running mate to ECL who run a most brutal regime and was part and parcel of hate speech against the Tongas. For your information she the stretch if road from great East Rd to her farm only, tarred.
    So my dear give her an award yourself mwe. Ifwe we prefer meritocracy as opposed to mediocrity and claiming greatness on the basis of being female.

  2. How many Lozi women scholars and other professionals were recognized by the Barotse Royal Establishment, Saboi Imboela? Stop making a fuss about this issue. Merely assuming high political office is a very parochial definition of success. What you do in office also matters.

  3. The name of Inonge Mutukwa Wina will continue missing from those people to be honored by the Zambian Government and other institutions. There are good reasons for doing so. This because of how she got there and what she did and not do in that position. She, Inonge Wina got to that position by rigging for ECL at Mulungushi. When ECL got to power she rewarded her with the Job of VP. ECL was the most ruthless President in Zambia’s history through his cadres some of whom were given high positions in the Police. Inonge Wina did nothing to stop the tyranny of PF. If she had stepped down in protest I am sure she could have deserved honors. All organizations and people who have demanded that she be honored are fake.


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