Biblically a woman is not supposed to be a pastor – Nigeria-based Ghanaian pastor says


The General Overseer of Christian Ministry of Reconciliation (Grace and Truth) Pastor John Nyamadi, has said that a woman is not supposed to be a pastor.

Pastor Nyamadi, who moved to Nigeria in August 1978, stated this in an interview withPunch when asked about the doctrine of his church.

“Our doctrines come from the Bible. We believe that God is one, which is the Lord Jesus. In creation, He was the father; in redemption, He was the son, who came for the purpose of saving us, and after accomplishing salvation, He promised to be in us, which is the Holy Ghost. Even the apostles asked Him why He didn’t stay till the Holy Spirit came and He said if He didn’t go, the Holy Spirit wouldn’t come. So, He came back in the form of the Holy Ghost and that’s one of our beliefs,” he said.

“We also believe in baptising in the name of Jesus Christ. We also believe that a woman is not supposed to be a pastor because it was not so in the beginning. I know many churches are trying to adopt what suits them, but biblically, a woman is not supposed to become a pastor and we are following exactly what the Bible says,”


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