Cheating wife loses marriage but gets K16,000 as compensation


Cheating wife loses marriage but gets K16,000 as compensation

A WOMAN of Lusaka will be smiling her way to a mobile money booth to withdraw upto K16,000 which the Lusaka Boma Local ordered her husband to pay after he divorced her on accusations that she was cheating.

This is in a matter where Jeff Mwemba aged 31 of Chinika area sued to divorce 29-year old Ruth Tembo after six years of marriage and bearing two children.

Mwemba told the the court that he could no longer stomach his wife’s habit of communicating with her ex-boyfriend and mistreating her step daughter.

“My wife has been communicating with her ex boyfriend who was also her teacher in high school,

I found messages of her texting him that she would like to see him so she can thank him for his generosity to her and I figured out that it was her body she was offering him,” Mwemba said.

He further complained that his wife turns to boozing whenever he goes out of the country doing his work as a cross border truck driver.

Mwemba narrated that his wife’s behaviour has not spared her step daughter who often gets mistreated.

“I remember when I was nursing pains resulting from an accident last year, My wife would tell my daughter to call her mother to send her food to eat. During that period, She always told me that she couldnt manage providing for my family,” Mwemba told the court.

He added they also have conflicts with his wife who constantly asks for her share of the property they have as if they were divorced or he had died.

And when the court asked Tembo to counter Mwemba’s clams, to the Lusaka Boma Local Court’s shock she admitted that everything that was said about her was true and had no questions to ask.

Tembo however refused the narrative of divorce stating that she was not ready to lose her marriage because she still loved her husband.

“I took alcohol because he was stressing me by saying he was tired of me.

The other issues is that we bought a plot together and he later told me that he sold the plot without even consulting me,” Tembo narrated.

She said her mother in law was too involved in their marriage to an extent that she would shout at her not to stress the son she depended on.

Tembo said she does not believe that her husband sold the plot but believes there is an arrangement with the mother inlaw to exclude her in the progress of the plot on pretext that it was sold.

“One time when I was at work in town my husband came with his mum to give me a K10,000 and my in law told me that she does not want me to cry for them that they used my money for the plot that’s why they where giving me a part of the money,” Tembo said.

The two parties which have been married since 2016 have two children aged one and four year.

In passing Judgement Justice Contrudah Kamono has dismatled the marriage on grounds that the court can not force Mwemba to remain married when his mind is made up.

Justice Kamono noted that the marriage has crambled because there was no team work adding that there is no way Mwemba could have sold the plot they bought together without consulting his wife.

She added that Mwemba did not dispute that his wife kept him for one year after his accident and she is still providing for him now even though he has recovered and is Working.

Justice Kamono therefore ordered Mwemba to compensate his wife with K16,000 which He will Pay the first installment K1,500 and then K500 every month.

She also ordered him to be maintaining his children with K600 and this does not include medical and school requirements.

By Mwiche Nalwimba



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