Chibolya woman found with a case for defiling boy in exchange for K10


A 40-YEAR-OLD woman of Chibolya Township has been placed on defence after being found with a case to answer for allegedly repeatedly defiling a nine-year-old boy in exchange for K10.

A court heard yesterday that medical examinations conducted on the juvenile showed sores on his penis and exfoliated foreskin.

Doctor Theresa Muzyamba of Kanyama General Hospital told Lusaka magistrate Mutinta Mwenya that medical test revealed that the boy’s penis was also swollen and that the child had rush on the abdomen.

The court heard that the juvenile’s penis notably had sores and skin exforiation,” Dr Muzyamba narrated.

She further informed the court that the child was later linked the One Stop centre for counseling.

” The examination on the child was consistent with allegations that the boy was defiled,” the doctor said.

In this matter, Martha Sampa is accused of repeatedly sexually abusing the nine-year-old boy whom she paid K10 after the act.
Sampa , who is accused of sexually abusing the boy on three occasions, is charged with defilement of child under the age of 16.
The alleged incident happened between November and December last year.
Evidence isthat during that period, the victim was sent to buy some cooking oil within Chibolya Township when he met Ms Sampa who introduced herself to the child as Anna before asking him to accompany her home within the township.

It is alleged that the women promised to give the boy K10 before taking him into her house where she undressed him and also removed her clothes before touching his genitals.

She allegedly put the boy on top of her and had sex with him.

Afterwards, Ms Sampa allegedly gave the victim K10 and asked him not to tell anyone or his parents about the incident or else doing so would attract a beating from her.
She also allegedly told the boy that should would be giving him K10 each time and that the two meet.

It is alleged that the alleged sexual act happened on three occasions before the child shared the ordeal to his parents and healthcare givers after he had some rush on his genitals.

The boy is reported to have revealed that Ms Sampa, who he could identity, had been having sex with him.

Yesterday, the court found Sampa with a case to answer and placed her on her defence which will commence next month.



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