Judith Kabemba

STATEMENT: Chiefs must break the silence and help this country heal from tribalism

THE current wave of tribal politics being practiced by some people like Nakachinda have the potential to divide this country and cause civil strife.

These tribal politics further have the potential to deter development and break families. Tribalism is silently planting a seed of hurt in the minds of our tonga brothers and sisters who are daily a subject of tribal attacks.

Remember our late first President Dr Kenneth Kaunda left us with the motto of one Zambia, one Nation and it is this Motto which we have inter marriages in this country and children born are from different tribes including Tongas.

When you rise against the Tongas what are you telling bemba husbands married to Tonga wives and what are you telling your Bemba daughters married to Tongas. What are you instilling in children born in these inter marriages families.

The superiority and minority fight that has been created especially by some people who potray and think that Presidency belongs to them must be condemned and rebuked. There is no tribe in Zambia which is sanctified to hold the office of President.

Presidency can be occupied by any one from any tribe, as long as they demonstrate the leadership qualities that Zambians need.

We are therefore, calling on chiefs to break the silence and begin to condemn any of their subjects practicing tribal politics. Our chiefs must rebuke those calling for a tribal Presidency openly. They must begin to expose those visiting them and soliciting for support on the basis of tribe. Those who are busy asking that the Northern religion must come together to support one Bemba President. .
They want Chiefs to endorse them because they are bemba even if they have nothing to offer.

We are fully aware of some people who have been having meetings to try and begin ridding on tribe in order to get the Northern support. These are selfish individuals trying to rid on tribalism and use innocent Zambians and chiefs to ascend to power.

No one should solicit for support on the basis of their tribe. Chiefs should watch out for such tribal politicians because they will divide this country further if given a chance to rule. We are and should be one Zambia one Nation.

Judith Kabemba
DP Office Bearer/NEC


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