Shaape Kabwe Mposa


I don’t speak for the sake of speaking, but because I want the best for Zambia.

For once I thought Clement Tembo is wise and can make a good member of parliament even when we all know how he mismanaged the presidential empowerment fund when he was given the responsibility by former president Edgar Lungu. I still had hope and believed he can be given a second chance to serve the people because he is still youthful and energetic.

Its not a secret, I have invited Clement Tembo several times to consider standing on our party People’s Alliance for Change-PAC and despite my efforts, he declined my invitation because may be know that we don’t tolerate corruption in PAC.

Its no doubt that the PF government is never liked by many Zambians because this is why they were voted out some 100 days ago. And Zambians do not want to hear the letters “PF” political party in their ears. Asking Zambians to give KABWATA seat to the PF is like asking Satan to come and takeover from an Angel who has made a few mistakes in the 100 days of his 365 days on earth.

I have been consistently said there is totally no difference between the kind of leadership that the PF has and that of the UPND because they are only different as political party names.

PAC and president Andyford Mayele Banda remains the BEST opposition political party in Zambia and the checks and balance they offer are credible. We have spoken against so many bad governance issues, but its not enough that we continue speaking out of parliament, we have an election in KABWATA constituency and we are now asking for those in Kabwata to support and vote for our PAC candidate.

Our leadership has continued supporting and engaging the youths to take up leadership responsibility, this is why in most of the elections, we filled in youths. Our president and the party understand what the youths need, the youths need empowerment and not jobs. Time and again we have offered solutions on how our youths country wide can be empowered and this can with no doubt help government to stop the stress of employing those graduating from universities.

Give us an MP in Kabwata so that as we speak for the people, we can also be part of decision making and law implementation.
Kabwata will also be set as an example of how Youths can be empowered.

Stop putting the blame on the UPND and the PF because we have the power to kick them out. Don’t look back at those who have disappointed you before, Clement Tembo is an example of those who disappointed the youths and mismanaged presidential empowerment. UPND has not done anything for the youths and cannot be given more time than this.

Vote PAC and join PAC.

By Shaape Kabwe Mposa PAC mobilization Chairperson.


  1. Problem nama Politics yamu Africa namu Zambia is you have first “to kill” your Opponent and “stand on top of his Grave” to campaign!!! Why not just convince the potential Voters with your Issues without “rubbishing your Opponents”? It is “Caveman” Mentality


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