The plot thickens, and so does the drama. An explosive audio recording has left the court speechless, nailing former WARMA Director General Kenneth Nyundu to the proverbial cross. It’s like the script ‘STRAIGHT OUT OF CAMPTON’, but this time, the drama is just too real.

June 10th, 2024, was the day the drama unfolded in the Lusaka Magistrate court when one of the Key witnesses informed the court that she needed to present an audio recording as part of the evidence to solidify her statement against Kenneth Nyundu. The recording was a verbatim conversation between her and Kenneth Nyundu. This is in a case where Kenneth Nyundu is accused of forging his contract and embezzlement of public funds amounting to over K700,000.

When the proposal was made to present the recording before the court, the defense team went into panic mode, objecting to the evidence like their lives depended on it. It was like they were trying to hide a skeleton-filled closet.

At this point Magistrate Holland needed to offer direction on whether to allow the audio to be played or not. The courtroom held its collective breath as the magistrate weighed in on the audio’s potential to reveal the truth against the risk of bias. The air was electric with tension as Magistrate Holland carefully considered the evidence, her eyes scrutinized every detail.

Finally, with a nod, the Magistrate gave the clearance to present the recording as evidence before the court. Magistrate Holland’s acceptance of this piece of evidence was viewed from various angles. The audio evidence was deemed directly related to the case and has a legitimate purpose and it will help establish facts pertinent to the case at hand.

The witness took the stand. As she reached down her handbag for the recording, silence swept across the courtroom. You could hear a pin drop. The tension was palpable, the suspense was too much for us, and we were on the edge of our seats. The courtroom was still as the PLAY button was pressed, releasing the distinctive voice of Kenneth Nyundu, captured in his own office.

The recording revealed a damning conversation, exposing Nyundu’s deceitful contract manipulations. The witness’ words dripped with urgency, warning Nyundu to correct his contract with a legitimate addendum, not a fabricated parallel contract made only by a few deceitful individuals. The forged contract’s provisions allowed Nyundu to siphon off car allowances illegally, a clear violation of the original agreement.

The witness’ stern tone echoed through the recording, emphasizing that only the Board of Directors could amend Nyundu’s contract, with minutes to prove it. The message was clear: cease coercing your senior management staff to support your illegal activities.

But Nyundu’s defiance was solid, refusing to budge or repay the ill-gotten funds. His tactics to sway the witness were relentless, revealing a web of deceit and corruption.

At this point, Nyundu was beyond desperate. He requested the witness to be flexible stating that the only way to amend the contract was to retype new details, something this reporter described as forgery.

Nyundu was heard making attempts to justify his moves by saying such practices are also done in governement hence there was no need for the witness to be regid. He tells the witness ‘you are complicating matters.’ The recording exposed the truth, leaving Nyundu’s reputation hanging in the balance.
Despite the damning evidence, Nyundu’s loyalists continue to exploit their positions for personal gain, financing their master’s survival through illicit means. Sources close to this reporter reveal that Nyundu’s surrogates are fabricating trips and allowances, embezzling funds from WARMA with impunity. This reporter has obtained concrete proof that Acting Director General Mrs. Misozi Ngulube and Mr. Frank Nyoni who acted as Director General when Mrs. Ngulube was on maternity leave paid themselves acting allowances both for April and May 2024. The Anti-Corruption Commission must take immediate action to address these blatant abuses of power and resources at WARMA. The public demands accountability, and it’s time for the ACC to show its teeth. The war against corruption must be won, and Nyundu’s empire of deceit must crumble.

The drama doesn’t end there. Next week, two key witnesses take the stand, their testimonies poised to tip the scales of justice – the former Human Resources Director Mr. Brighton Chishimba, and the Director of Finance Mr. Stanely Phiri. Will they reveal more secrets or provide an alibi for Nyundu? The river now turns black. Mark your calendars for Monday and Tuesday, June 24 and 25, as the legal battle reaches its climax.


  1. Much ado about nothing. Your report dramatises the event as if it is something crucial in the case but reading it all, nothing drastic arises out of it. Nyundu says nothing to incriminate himself unless you have left out other crucial details


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