ATTEMPTED Murder accused, former Defence Minister Davis Chama will this afternoon apply for herbus Corpus in the High Court after spending 11 days without Court appearance.

Chama and Brian Nyoni were arrested a fought night ago and are still incarcerated.

Lawyer to Chama and his co-accused Brian Nyoni, a former staff at the Zambian High Commission in Ethiopia, Tutwa Ngulube has complained against the continued detention of his clients without taking them to Court.

Ngulube says his clients have spent eleven days in police custody without being taken before any court or tribunal to answer to the alleged charges of attempted murder, a reflection of abuse of Human Rights by police and the State.

He explained in an interview with the New Dawn Newspaper that, his clients are left without an option but to seek the intervention of the High Court over their prolonged incarceration by the State.

“I am told the dockets are not ready for my clients, and this is already a problem, why do you rush to arrest people when you know that you are not ready to prosecute a matter? This is total abuse of my clients’ freedom and Human Rights. The State and the Police have gone against the directives of the President not to hold suspects for over 48 hours especially on a matter that is bondable or bailable,” complained Ngulube.

Ngulube says he is this afternoon filling into the High Court an application for herbus corpus to compel the State to bring Chama and Nyoni before the Court.

“The papers are ready; we are filling in this afternoon. They have been denied bond at police in Sesheke, a police station which is behind the Court,” he said.

Chama and Nyoni are facing an alleged attempted murder case which occurred in 2015 in Mulobezi District of Western Province during a violent prone by-election.

It is alleged that the duo shot a UPND cadre Mushaukwa Mushaukwa during that by-election.

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  1. Let the law be followed to the letter. If there is no case let this man go on bail. What is the reason of keeping him for 11 days without taking him to court. The law states suspect should be taken to court within 48 hours.

    This type of illegality should not be tolerated. Justice should be the rule applied to everyone regardless of which political party they accused comes from.

  2. How do you arrest someone before you conclude investigations?
    This rot lives on it would appear.
    We need White Gloves to act on this incompetence!

  3. Let this criminal stay in prison,the PF forget easily ! The Truth will haunt them.Let the police do their work and when they are through the accused persons will appear in court.This case was delayed by the same group of mafias the PF regime.

  4. What happens to your friends to day will come to pass and tomorrow it will be on you. This is the case here!! Do onto others as you will want them to do onto you!!

  5. This is a mixed grill case. Others are taking it as a political, others taking it as payback time and others are taking it as just a real crime issue. Depending on which side you are, to me it time the police should do the work professionally without prejudice. If the circle of “what you do to others today will come back to you tomorrow” is not broken definitely after 5yrs, 10yrs,15yrs the circle will come back on somebody and it is sad state of affairs. Most PF members were arrogant, never respected Human rights but to me it is time to clean up in a clean way. Especially that the police service is coming from a background of highest political interference from the PF regime and if they allowed to take jungle laws now, the police will be beyond redemption. I believe two wrongs will never make anything right. It is time Police should get used to do the right thing regardless of the personal or crime but for the law. It will help the national otherwise we wait for election or elections.


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