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Friday 2nd October 2020

As I am standing here my heart bleeds, when I saw the President his excellency the President Edgar Lungu on the Television last night at 19:00hrs getting a petition from Ntewewe to ask him to set up a commission on inquiry in to the privatisation of state companies and state Enterprises in the mining.

I am saying my heart bleeds because everyone knows that this inquiry is only targeting one particular individual and that is the UPND President Hakahinde Hichilema, and I think people must not pretend that the petition was crafted by those students and Ntewewe, those students and Ntewewe are sponsored, Kambwili said.

Dr Kambwili went further and said its well known who is sponsoring these students and to start pretending that the petition is coming from independent people it’s the most painful thing.

President Edgar Lungu is on record when he was in Kasama he announced that he will arrest HH, the patriotic front has been saying and it’s all over social media that they shall deal with HH, then you go and take innocent students, you buy them T-shirts and you bus them to state house.

Dr Kambwili wondered who gets to state house to protest or present a petition, most of the people have applied to get to state house to present petitions, but they have been rejected. Dr Kambwili further said he went to demonstrate at state house during the Rupiah Banda regime, but he was not allowed on the grounds of state house, he did the demonstration outside.

Most of the Zambians who have gone there including workers, you remember the retirees who were camped at the Ministry of Justice, they tried to go there but the police were called to disperse them, but what is so special about those students and Ntewewe being allowed in to state house to present a petition and they are addressed by the President.

This only shows that the President is fully involved, and only tells us that his the one who sponsored those students so that he can have a reason to address them and call for the commission of inquiry.

Your Excellency the President it’s better to be frank and not to pretend, and when you have a leader who pretends then the country is not in safe hands.

I call upon you your excellency, if you want to call for a commission of inquiry just call it, but stop abusing other people’s children for heaven’s sake.

The UPND youths the NDC Youths the other day made an application for a permit to demonstrate and present a petition over the online voter registration to ECZ but it was rejected, so what is so special about these students, we’re can they even get money to print those T-shirts Kambwili said.

You know President Edgar Lungu, when you start looking at Zambians as being stupid and hooliga the consequences will be very bad on you, Kambwili said.

The NDC leader has since advised the President who he called his dear brother that, if you leave in grass houses don’t through stones, this presidency you are setting will catch up with you, will catch up with your ministers, in any case the corruption that is in this government the unreasonableness by your ministers, giving out monies all the time, remember that when you are out of power people will also set up a commission of inquiry to find out how you became rich after one year of being President, how your ministers have become rich.

My dear brother don’t go that route, hear the voice of wisdom, don’t go that route because you won’t be President for ever or will you be in state house for the rest of your life, this is just an advice from a brother, my enerst advice, all those who are advising you to set up a commission of inquiry to fix HH, already PF are saying on social media that UPND should find another President as HH will be jailed for five years, so all these are pointing to the fact that this is a PF programme and your office is involved.

Please Mr President ba Lungu (namipapata, umwebo wamuntu waba mukutwi, elyo futi, uwakweba infwa yakwanoko muntanshi, uwakupata tatila busuma bobe).

On this one my brother hear the voice of the wisdom, don’t set up that commission of inquiry, for the soul purpose of fixing an individual in the name of Hakahinde Hichilima, you may hate HH but his your brother is a Zambian, If this commission was being set with good intention of just the Zambians knowing what happened in the privatisation it was going to be a good thing, but we all know it’s being set up because you want to target one man and you have already predetermined and predecided what you want to do with HH this is unfortunate for you as President, people regard you as a humble President, but I think you are getting out of your humbleness with your actions these days, listen my brother and listen to good, don’t go that route.

These people you call advisors are misleading you. What has happened in the last five years of your Presidency is not something to write about.

Issued by: Kirby Kaoma Musonda NDC Deputy Media Director


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