By Patrick Samwimbila

IN THE PATRIOTIC FRONT – Following the events of Friday, 15th September 2023 at the PF Secretariat where Honourable Miles Sampa marched with a group of violent cadres in an attempted illegal takeover of the PF Secretariat, an action which can be likened to a “coup d’etat”, I am seriously scared for more violent divisions if the PF party decided to go to an elective general conference any time soon.

I strongly feel that for PF to survive and reclaim power come 2026, we should allow ECL to continue holding on to the PF presidency a little longer up until all sponsored divisive elements are out of the party. At the moment, it’s only President Edgar Lungu who has the capacity to unite and bring together the “founder members” and the so called “hijackers” to avoid any unfortunate splitting of the party. Hearing Honourable Cornelius Mweetwa bragging that he is one of those sponsoring confusions in the opposition Patriotic Front makes me realize how deep this problem is. So as PF we shouldn’t play in their 18 by going for the convention too soon, let’s wait so that they first get tired of sponsoring those who are scheming the concept of “kufilila mumusenga”.

May Secretary General (SG) Nakachinda now embark and concentrate on meeting the structures to take stock and fill up any gaps in all structures where such gaps exist. Flag off party mobilization activities in each and every branch, ward, constituency, district and province. It is in this mind that I am seriously considering petitioning the Central Committee at their next sitting so that they defer the convention to a much much later date and year.

THE OPPOSITION IN ZAMBIA – Zambian people have spoken and are speaking unity in the opposition for the purpose of building a strong force which will give them a fresh hope. The New Down Government currently seems not to care much the suffering of the people because they are too comfortable in their fallacy that Zambia has no formidable opposition which can remove them from power come 2026, that’s why they are not performing. They keep saying give us time up to 10 years, which simply means they arrogantly feel they will still win the elections in 2026 even if the bag of mealie meal hits K500 and a litre of fuel at K50. This thinking is an insult to the Zambians.

To achieve this highly talked about opposition unity, Zambians across all provinces should just rise and voice out to beg President ECL to help act as the “Intersection Set”. It would be nice to see opposition leaders’ solidarity to each other, mutual respect and genuine comradeship. For example, opposition political parties should not be priding themselves too much in receiving defectors from within themselves (the opposition), instead they should focus on defections from the UPND because its more rewarding. There are many UPND members out there who are frustrated and they are ready to defect. Njala yachilamo muziko!

Strategic Support System Team Member.


  1. Everyone wants to have a photo with a former head of state. But if you think a few photos qualifies someone for leadership, particularly someone who has already served and failed, there is something wrong with your reasoning.

    Are we so bankrupted of ideas that we have to go back to someone we kicked out, someone who flouted the law, someone who has already served 2 Presidential terms?

    The real question is what is he going to do that he didn’t do in the 7 years he served? Steal some more? No, this narrative is not progressive. How is ECL going to better the lives of Zambians? Which policies, which ideas does he have that will ensure this?

    • Zambians would have to be seriously bewitched to consider a return of ECL. Even now, if you asked ECL what his plans for the country would be if given a second chance, he would mumble something incoherent and uninspiring. No, we have left that mediocrity in the past. Leadership and ECL should not be mentioned in the same sentence.

  2. Mwata, mwata !!!, stop hallucinating and engage in meaningful activities. ECL has nothing to offer this country. The damage he did is enough. Coming back? Oh no. In fact most Zambians are scared of what PF and ECL would do to the country if, God forbid, they were to come back.

    Just imagine what would happen to the treasury and the economy at large, most likely total collapse. Zimbabwe’s inflation will look like a Sunday picnic.

    Add to that the violence, the nepotism, regionalism, tribalism, the hate speeches, the marginalisation, discrimination, assault cases.

    Please move on to progressive parties. Let PF die a natural death. The 10 years of PF rule were a nightmare which we are slowly forgetting it happened. Let us not play around with the country.

  3. ECL as a central clearing house for the opposition? Come on, be serious.

    Mr. Lungu is an extremely divisive figure. He has torn PF asunder playing hide and seek. He claims to have resigned the PF presidency but continues to act like he is the PF president while enjoying retirement benefits.

    He divided the nation in every conceivable way and continues to do so. He was a disaster for our country.

    You can have him as your private president if you adore him so much. We have moved on.


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