PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province says former president Edgar Lungu is being misled by his advisors.

The traditional leader made the remarks during a press briefing at Lusaka’s Taj Pamodzi Hotel and where he was flanked by other Chiefs from Eastern Province.

The Chiefs advised Lungu who has secretly rescinded his decision to leave politics and is currently scheming on contesting the 2026 elections to allow his successor perform his functions.

“President Hakainde Hichilema and Lungu should make peace and not squabbling every time. This is wrong! there’s need for co-existence in order for the nation to develop,” chief Mpezeni said.

“I want to be the arbiter between the two because things are getting out of control. Lungu had his time he did his part and he should move on and allow HH to do his part.”

He said just like seasons change, so does the power wheel as he has witnessed presidents come and go since the Kaunda era.

Chief Mpezeni censured the parties against conspiring with outside forces in attempts to topple the other.

“Nothing of this sort (conflicts) happened in the past for instance when you fight in your home you need to quickly reconcile and not involving third parties,” chief Mpezeni said.

“It’s the same as you fight with your wife at home and you want to make it known to the public people you are just embarrassing yourself.”

He indicated that the Head of State and Lungu ought to make up as their controversies may lead to war fare and impede the nation’s development.

“I would love to see these two politicians the incumbent president and his predecessor to resolve their discords, no one is correct politicians are liars and they are sometimes ill advised. They (Lungu and HH) are both fighting for the presidency when war breaks out there will be nothing like this is Mpezeni or who we will all die. You need to protect your home,” chief Mpezeni guided.

He indicated that chiefs never set their foot wrong but instead their indunas try to potray them bad because they do not speak unanimously with the chiefs.

“Such is not right! indunas misrepresent chiefs and make them look like they don’t know what they are saying. These indunas don’t want to tell people the truth because of their selfish interest let’s tell people the truth and promote forgiveness,” chief Mpezeni said.

“Lungu is being misled by his people and so is the President because their advisers have vested interest. When someone wrongs you don’t kill them forgive them and reconcile. Being a leader is not easy, Let’s not inflame their brawling but instead allow these two to reconcile so that they quit fighting.”

He stressed the need for politicians to value peace.

“We are enjoying this freedom because Kaunda fought for independence. If the late president Kenneth Kaunda and his allies fought each other during the colonial era like what we are witnessing today we wouldn’t have attained independence,” he said.

Chief Mpezeni urged commentators to give the President time to address the high cost of living unlike rushing to the media to complain.

“We all want to complain to government to address mealie meal prices and that of fertilizer and consider the plight of the masses by reducing the cost of living,”said chief Mpezeni.

“He (President Hichilema) is also human he Knows the price of mealie meal is high let’s give him room to address the challenges and not rush to the media to talk about mealie meal and fertilizer we won’t develop the nation if all we do is complain.”


  1. A proper wise man from the East. A Proper traditions leader. A proper castodian of preservation of peace and continuity. A proper advisor and counseling and guidance Nkhosi ya ma khosi
    Your Royal Highness, you are wise and Open minded. I have learnt alot from your deliberation.

  2. Useless chief. So have his indunas told him HH is fighting Lungu for presidency? Nonsense, has he forgotten how he refused to receive HH during the run up to the Aug 21 elections declaring that only Lungu was acceptable. Well some of us remember. He has just mumbled above and is an embarrassment to traditional chiefs. He is probably the only senior traditional chief that is academically illiterate

  3. Whatever Mpezeni was fed after the meeting with HH must have been very strong. Of late he hasn’t been himself.
    Chiefs initially should just concentrate on working with government without even have to comment about the political rigmarole. This is where you find that when an opposition leader forms government there’s selective attention distribution.

  4. Nkhosi you are right that Ecl ,was,is,and will always be misled by cadres who lack wisdom and education.. Even you Indunas could,and were not able to sit Ecl down during his time and tell him that going to HH’s house and try to kill him for no case was inhumane,but instead now you are telling HH not to fight edigar and yet HH has no time to fight him..If you can see what Ecl is doing, you can tell that aetsa mzake maningi so that he reacts…


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