Edgar Lungu’s property seizure null and void – Kabimba


IT’S wrong and unprofessional for investigative wings to seize former president Edgar Lungu’s property without informing him the reasons for such seizure under formal investigations, Economic Front President Wynter Kabimba has said.

He said apart from the fact that Mr Lungu enjoyed his immunity under the constitution and no such investigations could be instituted against him and no warn and caution statement can be administered on him for him to exercise the right to remain silent or otherwise.

Mr Kabimba said formal investigations would require that he’s informed officially the charges being preferred against him and in this case the property which was part of those investigations.

“I know that HH is drying his hands to see ECL behind bars contrary to his recent statement in New York but the investigators must do the correct thing and follow the law,” Mr Kabimba said.

He said that the seizure in the case of Mr Lungu is null and void.

Mr Kabimba said it was wrong for the investigative wings to make such an undertaking and hoped that they would make amends.

Meanwhile, the constitution stipulates that a person shall not institute or continue civil proceedings against the President or a person performing executive functions, as provided in Article 109, in respect of anything done or omitted to be done by the President or that person in their private capacity during the tenure of office as President.

It also says the President or a person performing executive functions, as provided in Article 109, was immune from criminal proceedings which immunity continued after that person ceases to hold or perform the functions of that office.


  1. But when you have drop outs as lawyers, you might not know whether you are going or coming. Kabwamba, tell this nation: Lungu is the president for which country?

  2. Kabimba is just confused perhaps it is because he forgot to take his medication in the morning.
    Lungu stole public resources and built a Lodge, so what is wrong for the Investigations team to investigate Lungu? His immunity has not been lifted but why should he continue enjoying the proceeds of his crime.
    Kabimba’s brains is not working surely.

  3. People are dull in this country! Lungu has immunity, meaning you can’t touch him or his property until his immunity is removed. What’s so difficult to understand? Bane, let’s use the law, not emotions. You’re truly an embarrassment.


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