Kasonde Mwenda

16th March, 2022,

President Hakainde Hichilema,
Nkwazi House,
State House-Plot 1,
Independence Avenue,

Dear Sir,


Your exellency Mr. President are you aware that many poor Zambian citizens who can’t afford buying their own medicines in pharmacies are dying as essential medicines run out of govenment Hospitals countrywide?

Mr. President why have medicines not been bought when Government allocated K13. 9 Billion for Health Sector in the 2022 National budget?

Health Sector budgetary allocation was increased by 44% in comparison to K9. 7 Billion in 2021 yet just 3 months into the 2022 Budget year government hospitals have run out of essential medicines, what is going on Mr President?

It has never happed this bad so early and it is very worrying. It now explains why last month government distributed the condemned Honey Bee drugs and claimed it was an accident. Please be honest on this serious matter and stop politicking over it.

The day before yesterday, a very sick Zambian citizen and taxpayer was turned away at Matero Clinic to go and look for her own medicine and would have died had it not been for a good samaritan who helped. Unless you dont have a patient in hospital or you have alot of money, you are likely going to waste money going to the Hospital and expect to be treated.

This level of lack of seriousness is worrying, it is a serious demonstration of a very uncaring government.

For the sake of the lives of poor Zambian people, find some medicines. Health care is everything, it shouldn’t be reduced to a previlge for the rich. Zambia is for us all, even the poorest among us.

If this does not improve in 7 days, the Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF party will fill the streets of Zambia with demonstrations till you take responsibility and save the lives of poor citizens.

Find attached a prescription of self buying drugs from the named Hospital to a Zambian Citizen.

Your expedient intervention is of essence.
‘Wherever we want to go our feet shall take us there.’
Yours for the nation,

Kasonde Mwenda C
Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF- President


  1. Another toad who has gotten puffed up with stupidity and will soon burst open. Just what is it that will make anybody follow this idiot in a protest?

  2. These are the same people being sponsored by the cartel.dont abuse your freedom Mr mwenda. So you can’t learn to engage? It seems you want to rise above your fellows and come out as a superstar. Anyway go ahead.

  3. Another puffed up toad immitating buffalo. If get time, read an article in this same media written by Gunshot Chola about Given Lubinda.

  4. These are problems of failing to replace PF cadres in the civil service who were planted by PF. We have been advising the New Dawn Administration to flush out PF cadres from the public service because they are heartless and will do anything to frustrate the New Dawn Government.

  5. Where were you when the people were being given obsolete medicines?

    Did you not feel duty bound to protect the very people you seem to be using to push a personal agenda.

    The availability of the medicines in our hospitals is very important. But the manner of confirming where the problem of lack of medicines should logically start from checking the inventory from the last government.

    That’s why it is call inventory or stock levels. What justification do you have that prior to taking over government by UPND these stock were full7and functioning.

    Kindly provide us with the information stating the restocking levels so we can see for ourselves how the levels were then as compared to now. How else can you justify you claim than doing this logical assessment.

    My personal view is that you are simply playing politics and passing the blame. Logically when one analyses these issues it’s only sensible to reason that this government was only running with what was left by the previous government but now that their budget is approved they can now plan and buy the stock needed. So let’s be practical.

    So regarding protests you assumptions are bassless, misleading and a waste of time. Please stop taking Zambians for granted. We have the ability to think, internalise and objectively react.

  6. A one man party like the Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF party cannot fill the streets of Zambia with protesters. Mwenda just shut up and eat with your foolish sponsors. Your depravity is matched only by your stupidity.

  7. Freedom of expression, that includes the freedom to assemble and demonstrate, which HH promised to protect, is here being taken away from Kasonde Mwenda by foolish Bally worshippers and UPND praise-singers. They have been to school but do not know.


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