Aaron Mubanga Jnr


The most talented player I had the privilege of sharing the pitch with remains my best friend. He was easily miles ahead in terms of talent and boy did he love the game.

We used to call him Lampard, he pulled the strings in midfield for us in our U12,U14, U17 and amateur sides.

He was also the first person I knew who could easily turn a freekick situation into a goal just by stepping up, a pure specialist.

He planned to play professional football and he was sure he would make it with the Young Zanaco, Zanaco FC route his easiest way in.

Unfortunately sometime back close to a decade ago, he got sick and could not be diagnosed with anything for a long time just kept getting worse.

He was later diagnosed with something and was told to end his football dreams. Long story short he had to change his whole future plan.

I saw what it did to him and up to date it still eats at him, but now we can joke about how he was supposed to make me rich as my one client, I was going to his agent, Well God’s plan was different.

Anyway sorry for the detour, I have seen a lot of posts about Enock Mwepu and was going to avoid it totally but I thought of saying something.

The Computer is going through the hardest time of his life, he archived his dream and was just a step away from going to Liverpool, the only reason he started football was to one day do that.

So now that his dream was cut short, he is in pain, possibly desperate to wake up from this nightmare, which is now his reality.

Him going to the Man of God is about hope and trying to find a solution, we all call on God when things are not going well, and Enock needs that more than anything right now.

We can’t make jokes, rubbish it or try to be smart about it, we just need to understand him and support him the best way we can, and as a Christian nation put him in our prayers.

He is hurting and the last thing he needs is people making him feel even worse, yes I agree he needs both God and modern medicine, no where they said don’t combine them.

Let’s support our captain, friend and brother during this difficult period.

If the man of God can help by all means let him help and if this is the end for his career , let’s support him and help him deal with this at his own pace and on his own terms, it can’t be easy to be going through all this.

Stay strong Champ, we love you, support you and will put you in our daily prayers.


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