Five year old marriage withers, dies due to no lubrication


A 36 year old man of Lusaka’s Chelston area has complained to the Lusaka boma local court about the sex drought that has characterised his marriage.

Before court was Best Bwanga who told the court how his wife, Phelliny Hamainza, 37, denies him from having a best drink from the golden well, on the pretext that she is on her menstrual period, for two consecutive weeks.

Bwanga said, to his amazement, during the period he is denied sex and feeling desert-like thirst, Hamainza resorts to “sexting” other men to tell them how horny she feels and probably how she can throw them up and down in a sexual showdown.

“I found a chat in her phone with a man she calls her business partner which read ‘I am horny.’ But she refuses to give me sex saying she is on her menstrual period,” Bwanga said.

He poured out all this when the court gave him an opportunity to react to a matter in which Hamainza sued to divorce him for not supporting the family in any way.

For Hamainza, Bwanga is nothing but a lover of what side chicks have to offer.

She told the court that her husband is no longer interested in providing for the family, adding that he is interested only in tasting honey in this and that plate.

Bwanga and Hamainza have been married for five years and have two children, aged two and four years

“When we got married, he used to provide for the family. He, however, stopped and I am the only one supporting the family. His job is to sleep around with different women,” said Hamainza.

But Bwanga countered, saying the main reason for their marital tension was cheating by his wife.

He stressed that Hamainza was fond of having phone conversations which send any man into sexual fantasy.

In passing judgment, justice Martha Tembo dissolved the marriage on grounds that its foundation was weak.

She noted that Bwanga should not have moved in to live with Hamainza, after being chased from his friend’s place.

Justice Tembo added that Bwanga ought to have found a house to take Hamainza as a wife, as opposed to being kept by a woman, later marry her and still remain in her house.

Justice Tembo ordered Bwanga to compensate his wife with K10, 000, to be paid in monthly installments of K350, beginning next month-end, and child support of K500.

By Mwiche Nalwimba




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