Hakainde Hichilema’s narcissistic, egotistical, angry, dictatorial and vengeful behaviour is very dangerous for this country, says Edith Nawakwi following the nolle prosequi entered into the Mumbi Phiri murder case.

Calling in to Daily Revelation, Nawakwi said it was ironic that on the same day a judgement was expected in the Mumbi Phiri and Shebby Chilekwa murder case, the state rushed to a lower court to procure a nolle prosequi, saying it was possible Hichilema might have been informed that he was losing his vangeful case.

“Hakainde should be extremely embarrased. Today the judgement in Mongu was supposed to be delivered in the case involving Mumbi Phiri and the co-accused. I am sure they may have discovered that their witnesses were useless and Mumbi and the co-accused were supposed to be discharged today,” Nawakwi said. “But look at the action of the government, they go on the same day of judgment to arrest the judgment … I am sure Hakainde was briefed by his handlers that’s why they were so frantic. They go to the subordinate court to procure a nolle when the matter has already gone past the Magistrates court. That’s why they have entered a nolle. It means they can re-arrest you tomorrow. What Hakainde has done is to avoid paying damages to Mumbi Phiri.”

Nawakwi said with this kind of unbecoming behaviour, President Hichilema should also take the judiciary to his community house where he shall be writing judgements in the same manner he has gotten the Anti-Corruption Commission, police, DEC and other state institutions under his “angry custody.”

“This kind of misbehaviour coming from a sitting head of state is intolerable for some of us. You can enter a nolle during submissions not on the day of judgment. Mumbi deserves to be compensated just like he has compensated all his friends in the Pheruna case, they have received K500,000s,” Nawakwi said. “This man is a tin pot dictator, worse than an emporer, worse than dictator Bokasa.”

Nawakwi charged that Phiri was put in prison in order to punish her, just because President Hichilema too was once incercerated, questioning where he stands with his Christian and democratic claims when he is behaving in such evil… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/hakaindes-narscissistic-egotistical-angry-and-vengeful-behaviour-dangerous-for-zambia-nawakwi/


    • One of the most important corruption cases in land law in Zambia is Bernadette Sikanyika vs Edith Z Nawakwi and it was decided by the Supreme Court. Perhaps Ms Nawakwi should explain what happened.

    • Whether the idiot likes it or not HH is PURESIDENT against her witchful wishes that he would never be KATEKA. Shame to all prophets of doom, all they are left with as idiots that they are is jealousy, envy and stupidity. STUPID IDIOTS.

  1. I swear this woman has an evil spirit. Let us not lose sight of the fact that it was under the provisions of the Zambian Constitution that the person who murdered Lawrence Banda was arrested and has been convicted. Not under the pleasure of HH. Mumbi Phiri’s submissions were critical in securing this conviction.

    If PeeEfu and Lungu were in power, murderers would have been roaming the streets with smiles on their faces, mocking and harassing citizens. PeeEfu and Nawakwi are (without shame on their part) accessory to murder. They rejoice in the death of ordinary citizens. Then you wonder why Zambians kicked you out.

    • Let us learn to be truthful please.

      Exactly how many murderers have been convicted from PF times? Only one.

      Exactly how many people have been convicted and jailed for corruption under Hakainde? Zero.

      Even the gassers are still roaming free.

      Your Hakainde is a weak impotent man when it comes to fighting crime. Waste of time to be honest.

  2. So what Nawakwi is insinuating is that only Mumbi s life and pride should matter? What about LAWRENCE BANDA s life does it not matter because he was UPND? His family will never see or hear him ever. His children are being raised ad orphans. Mumbi incriminated herself by saying in a video I WAS THERE so. That Chilekwa may be a sacrificial lamb in this case. If so in his appeal I think he should tell the truth.

  3. Am wondering what shes still doing in Zambia? Didnt she talk of relocating to Botswana before 2021 elections? If HH is as bad as she would want us to believe he should revenged on her for the many wtongs she did to him. MADAM NAWAKWI should keep quite and hide in Shame.

  4. When did Nawakwi become a Lawyer to understand the inner workings of courts?
    Ebu chilandelande ubu!
    She can’t even cite the Law to substantiate her wild claims.
    A Nolle can be done at ANY stage of a court case!
    Getting a Nolle does not mean you have been acquitted!
    Two issues may come up:
    1. Failure to report a Felony to police.
    Don’t forget there is video evidence soon after the murder where she claimed to know who murdered Lawrence but never made a formal report to police as required by the Law.

    2. Failure to secure a firearm if the murder weapon was hers.

    PF may have celebrated prematurely as usual, especially ba Mr running mate!

  5. This female dog must be cited for contempt of Court, the idiot is attributing writing of judgments at community house, what does that imply of the entire judiciary? You need this b’tch behind bars for her to tame her rotten tongue and bongobongo. STUPID IDIOT and SWINE pig.

  6. This lady, Ms. Nawakwi, is consumed by whatever and cannot help but pour bile on HH for whatever reason.

    Her statements have become meaningless and they reflect the very things she is accusing HH of, narcissism, ego, anger, vengeance and to cap it all, blind hatred.

    I wonder what it is that drives her to these levels of unreasonable behaviour.


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