Highvie Hamududu


Opposition Party for National Unity (PnU) president Highvie Hamududu has come to the rescue of Health Minister Sylvia Masebo

This follows the talk that has engulfed after Masebo was given a wrong speech she briefly read at a SADC meeting before realizing.

But Hamududu a former UPND member of Parliament for Bwengwa says there are more serious issues to occupy the country than the speech swap.

“The Minister’s speech swap should never be a main takeaway from the conference and a topic of the week, we should have been talking of the content of her real speech and the conference outcome!” Hamududu said.

He outlined the issues which he feels the country must discuss than the embrassing episode of the Minister.

“There are current and emerging issues that must fill the discussion groups, eg.
-COP 27 is just concluding, what are the issues and are we making progress in climate change mitigation in our country commensurate to pronouncements being made, etc
-as we enter the rain season, to what extent is agriculture support by government working, FISP etc are there better alternatives.”

The ruling party UPND Supporters are accusing the former ruling party PF of having schemed the speech swap to embarrass the Minister.


  1. A wrong is a wrong by the minister of health. She is not serious with her work. Your excellence Mr Hamadudu you are not helping new dawn in developing this country . We have no fertiliser m meal mealie price is too high a staple for zambians, fuel is expensive, no industry has been opened ,ceec loans adfficult to access due to strings attached as a rular person cant use a computer to apply for those loans maybe your constituency in Bwembya etc. Wake up sir. Masebo has tarnished the name of president

  2. It is utterly inexcusable and indefensible to read the wrong speech. It is just as inexcusable and indefensible as it is for a Chairman of a Board to go to a meeting with minutes of the previous meeting full of mistakes. The minister to deliver the speech should own her own speech just like the Chairman of the Board going to a meeting should own minutes of the previous meeting. The protocol officer cannot be blamed for this just like a secretary of a board cannot be blamed for minutes of a Board meeting that a Chairman does not bother to go through when they are his own . Minister Masebo should have had a copy of her speech.

    • Mr Kaoma, public institutions can not be compared to private institutions in the manner of organisation. The chairman is answerable to the shareholders while minister is answerable to the president. Shareholders answer to no one while the president answers to citizen after 5 years per consituation. The president decides who he fights the economic/ political war with. So he calls the shots.

      • @Legend
        It does not matter whether it is a public or private institution. Even as chair of a committee of a public institution, you are expected to own the minutes of the meeting you chair. Talk of a PTA, whether in a public or private school, it is the same. It is seen as an indication of incompetence to fail to own minutes of the meeting you chair the same way it is a mark of incompetence for minister not to have gone with a copy of a speech she was going to deliver. I have been chair of committees and I fully understand this. I have to ensure that whatever minutes are generated from a meeting I chair, I own these by going through them before the next meeting.

  3. You are right Bwana Hamududu. It does not add up to any sense to focus on a mistake, what do you reap out of mistake? why would someone dwell on the error and ignore the real thing? There are real things needing our attention that focusing on somebody’s mistake. As a matter of fact, no human being is immune to mistake.


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