HH IS INSENSITIVE…and lacks emotional empathy – Nawakwi

HAKAINDE lacks emotional empathy, says FDD leader Edith Nawakwi.
Reacting to the detention of Patriots for Economic Progress president Sean Tembo without charge, Nawakwi wondered why those responsible for allocating pieces of land on Kasompe Airstrip in Chingola where over 300 housing units were demolished had not been arrested up to now.

“This action demonstrates what I have been saying all along that Hakainde is an insensitive leader and lacks emotional empathy,” Nawakwi charged.

She said the arrest of Tembo had continued to torment his spouse a cardiologist at the University Teaching Hospital.
“If someone says you are an idiot, it is not an insult. It is a description of the intellectual level of a person. There is a genius, stupid, idiot, and intelligent. And so if someone grades my intellect as that of a moron, I am not injured. I am just amused and say ‘I must do better so that I can impress them and that maybe I am not an idiot or stupid’. So you cannot arrest someone for saying you are an idiot,” Nawakwi said. “What has Sean Tembo done to deserve sleeping in the chillers? These people are humiliating Sean Tembo. Sean Tembo’s spouse is being humiliated when her job in this country is about serving people. She is supposed to be in hospital. Now you are taking a person in this whole country, the only one (expert) for the emergency of anything you think of to do with heart attack and you want to stress her and expect her to go to the hospital to attend to people!”

Nawakwi accused the Head of State of being behind Tembo’s arrest.
“Can he (HH) stop it and release Sean Tembo because next he is the one who is going to have… and Mrs Sean Tembo will be at the police station and there will be no one to unblock…We only have one person for that (department) in this whole country. You are stressing a doctor because the spouse is a politician who you don’t like! There is no case. I mean even the police are saying ‘we are still investigating’. They don’t know what to charge him with. So let him release Sean Tembo,” Nawakwi said. “If you have been humiliated, you have grown up as an orphan, you want to take the good side of that and tell the world ‘I was brought up as an orphan. I was in jail. I shall not see another person in jail’. But it is like we are in South America. In PF you would talk and they will threaten you, maybe arrest you but people were talking. Right now people are scared. They are petrified. If you just hear Hakainde people are running away.”
And Nawakwi said it was surprising “why a named civic leader who is behind illegal plots in Chingola has not been arrested because he is UPND”.

“The point I want to make is look at the razing down of structures on the Copperbelt in Chingola, the so-called airstrip. An airstrip is just like a small path. Now if you take 10 bulldozers to raze down 300 units, tell me how much diesel have you used to do that job? If a President had any minimum level of emotional empathy, they (government) will not do that because what is the cost of that exercise for a small stupid pathway? Planes land on tarmacs. An empathetic leader would not have allowed this. It can only come from a narcissist leader,” she said. “Hakainde lacks emotional empathy…you cannot have someone kill your mother then they show up with a bag of mealie meal at a funeral. If leaders are worth the title of leadership they could have sat down and agreed that the amount of diesel that is used to raze these structures, which diesel could actually be used not to build an airstrip but an aerodrome, a proper run way… Because you need diseal to clear the runway. So that airstrip was not worth the pain that has been caused to those people except for people who are sadists.”
Nawakwi said there was nothing sinister about relocating an airstrip.

“Even in Lusaka if you want to relocate an airstrip you can. It is not like Chingola is Hong Kong. This action demonstrates what I have been saying all along that Hakainde is an insensitive leader and lacks emotional empathy,” charged Nawakwi. “In any case, that Mayor of Chingola was the UPND councillor and he allocated land as a UPND councillor, now he is mayor. You can justify maybe you say it is PF but no it was a UPND councillor. [Johnson] Kang’ombe was a UPND councillor. Now he is a UPND mayor in Chingola. That is why they cannot arrest Kang’ombe. If it was a PF councillor he would have already been in jail.”


  1. Edith, please, speak POLICY. Tell Zambians what you want to see done in the country to help solve the problems 18 million Zambians are facing.
    You were a minister in government while these same laws were there. You never challenged the laws.

  2. The sensitive and intellectual Nawakwi wants to turn President HH into a Police man.
    Nawakwi know where the Police stations in Zambia are located.

    For the rule of Law chili girl, it is important that the police service and all other government departments act independently.

    So it is very wrong for the chili girl to turn the President’s Office as a Police Station.

  3. This lady said she would emigrate to RSA if HH won the elections.

    Can someone please buy her a one way ticket to Joburg?

    Let her take her sausages with her as well.

  4. She is frustrated as she can’t see Bally as President.Madam it’s Zambians who put
    Him there.So wait for 2026 if Zambians will
    Want a change.

  5. Life cannot be HH this, HH that. Can you not find time to do useful things. You will never change HH but your hatred will consume you. What is your relationship with SET-zero?

  6. Ba madam you are complaining that ba wife for tembo is suffering cz of bally? Laughable. Don’t you know that tembo is making his own wife suffer? Your reasoning shocks me . And you think bally can stoop down to your level and arrest tembo? You must have some screw missing in your brain. You are just a noise maker. Whatever noise you are making bally is not interested. He is doing great things, did you see him in a British newspaper? Making headlines world wide for the right reasons. Not imwe everytime you open your mouth its garbage and more garbage.

  7. Nanya kwi? Shouldn’t be in this country now just like her fellow idiots who promised to castrate themselves if HH became president. What are these idiots waiting for? It more than one year since HH became DULY ELECTED by the MAJORITY who voted.

  8. Edith….wonders shall never end. Who is insensitive and without empathy, a fellow woman tormentor, husband snatcher or an elder married to one genuine wife in holy matrimony ?

  9. Want empathy are you talking about zewelani, your husband dies and within weeks you are at court with deceased ‘s children over properties their father worked for. The courts have proved that you took advantage of that vulnerable woman over the house issue you wanted to get from her using your position.
    You have no morals how many times have you accused the president about owning property and privatization without evidence

  10. This cow can’t even spell insensitive
    Why are the media house’s giving her oxygen, there are more important things that this relative of a baboon

  11. Hatred for HH siyizasila because she has been lusting for him since unza days. Got no satisfaction from Hambulo. Please HH is beyond your class and no way he could have even considered you as a woman.
    Sean Tembo has done a fine job of embarrassing his wife without any help from anyone.

  12. Of course madam Edith, one Tonga lady whispered to me that traditionally Tonga men are not very good people. You have had the experience of marrying a Tonga man, you can judge better!

  13. cilekeni cilihulefye ,ciproperty and husbands grabbler. the ghosts of the pigs she wrongly slaughtered on the sabath day are now haunting her madly

  14. Umwangashi wamupamba … One year has not passed since she lost Hambulo and she is already back in her dirty politics.
    Has she been cleansed?
    She seems to be suffering!
    Can someone do something before she starts undressing in public!


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