HH IS STILL FACING RESISTANCE…some UPND members wanted to replace PF cadres as the new thugs – Simangolwa


HH IS STILL FACING RESISTANCE…some UPND members wanted to replace PF cadres as the new thugs – Simangolwa

By Rhoda Nthara(The Mast)

COPPERBELT businessman Mellbin Simangolwa says many people including some UPND members have not yet accepted the new way of doing things.

He says President Hakainde Hichilema’s way of leadership is still facing resistance and it will take time for people to understand that it’s better to make money genuinely than through illegalities.

“Look at how PF commanders are suffering today? If these young people were taught how to make money genuinely through businesses, today they would be better people,” he said in a statement.

Simangolwa said in the PF regime it was normal for men and women in uniform to salute and take orders from party cadres.

“It was normal for cadres to collect revenue in public places as opposed to the local authorities. It was normal for party cadres to be paid for goods and services that were never supplied. In short, lawlessness became normal. Young people started admiring party cadres at the expense of pursuing professional careers,” he said. “Some UPND members fought for regime change because they wanted to replace the PF cadres as the new thugs. Youths thought they will come and run markets and bus stations Iike PF cadres used to. Those in offices thought they were going to replace PF thieves and become the new thieves. People admired mansions that were being built using proceeds of crime.”

Simangolwa said when Hichilema took over office things were not as people anticipated.

“Discipline and order were introduced both in the party and in government. Cadreism was suppressed and the rule of law was brought back. Accountability in government institutions was restored. For the first time we saw ruling party members being arrested for breaking the law. We saw senior police officers including permanent secretaries being arrested for committing crimes,” Simangolwa said.

“This came as a surprise to many. To some UPND members this came as disappointment. Ruling party members thought they would be allowed to carry offensive weapons and revenge what the former ruling party members did to them but President Hakainde Hichilema maintained that national peace was more important than political revenge. Former president Edgar Lungu and team should thank President Hakainde Hichilema because if it was not for him, many PF cadres would have died in cold blood as a result of revenge.”

He said President Hichilema means well for both the government and the UPND.

“All well meaning Zambians must support the President in trying to bring back sanity in the country. We must help the President to build a better Zambia for everyone. It is okay for poor Zambian from Kazhinakazhi to get a job as a civil servant without bribing someone. It is okay for boy or girl from Namushekende to be given bursary and meal allowances as opposed to a politician to buy 90 cars for his children or hide money with his girlfriend or nieces,” said Simangolwa.

“If we do the right thing as a country, we shall leave a better Zambia for generations to come. It is not normal for us as citizens to give solidarity to criminals. Zambia is bigger than everyone.”



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