HH’s IMF BAILOUT LOAN is a Total Scam- Kasonde Mwenda

Kasonde Mwenda

HH’s IMF BAILOUT LOAN is a Total Scam

It is unfortunate that our kwacha has depreciated further to K17. 11 per $ just a few months after the IMF LOAN which they claimed will fix the Economy.

UNFORTUNATELY this is just the beginning of IMF’s destructive conditionalities which we warned about. Next is constrained expenditure in Agriculture and Health as we are witnessing already. The IMF has never reformed. It is as cancerous as it was when it destroyed us in the 1990s but President Hakainde Hichilema has chosen that path because he does not learn. We should have NEVER gone to the IMF.

This depreciation has been exasperated by the UPND’s lack of fiscal discipline and populist expenditures which are not backed by productivity but IMF DEBT. Unfortunately this is just the beginning of suffering as a result of visionless leadership.

It’s time to wake up up. The WEST or East can not lend you development through debt. There is nothing like bailout from IMF. It is a scam.

The only true development is from maximum utilisation of our natural resource endowments. We have arrable land, great farming climate, gold mines, emaralds and Copper mines which we are not utilising but rushing to borrow because we are lazy and over dependent on foreign assistance.

Wherever we want to go our feet shall take us there.

Kasonde Mwenda C
Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF President


  1. The Dollar was around P 10 (pula) last year in December, Now it is around P13.
    What does this show?The dollar has strengthened over the past months and a lot of African economies are struggling.
    If you have nothing to say just SHUT UP! IDIOT

  2. Piranha, it’s you to shut up. The truth pains. Tax holidays to owners of mines. You have gold which you have failed to exploit and yet you boast about nkongole from IMF. We are lazy.


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