By New Dawn Reporter
PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema is a hypocrite who is now abusing public resources and Zambians should rise and hold him to accountable, All Peoples Congress (APC) leader Nasson Msoni has charged.

Msoni who is a member of the UPND – Alliance is of the view that the same measure President Hichilema used to condemn former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu should be the same scale to measure his international trips he is making.

“It is totally and completely hypocritical for Mr Hichilema to be doing the exact opposite or the same thing that he had previously criticised his predecessor of doing on the frequency of international travels,” he said.

The outspoken alliance partner said he was not criticising President Hichilema out8 of bitterness but his hypocritical behaviour.
“The rationale of criticism is that we will do things differently and behave differently. In a nutshell the public must now hold Mr Hichilema to his own words and behaviour and to his own words that he had previously used against former president Edgar Lungu. What is good for the goose should also be good for the gander,” Msoni said.

He said it was now clear that President Hichilema doesn’t mean well for Zambia and its citizens as he was now abusing public resources for his unending fruitless trips he was making since forming government.

Msoni has since urged President Hichilema to apologise to former President Lungu for condemning him over the foreign trips he made.
He said looking at the behaviour of President Hichilema,it is clear that he envied the trips and flying around the former President made then.

“Undoubtedly Mr Hichilema is now abusing public resources and as such must be held accountable. Zambia will not be built on double standards and hypocrisy. Undoubtedly Mr Hichilema owes Mr Lungu an apology for his needless criticism on his international travels. It is this kind behaviour and conduct that is undermining public confidence in the entire political leadership in the country,” said Msoni.


  1. We knew your hypocricy and that you an opportunistic even before you joined the Alliance so nobody is surprised about you oldie fella! Apologise to Lungu for what? Why dont you just hang yourself you foolish old assie!
    You were looking for a job when you never worked for it and now you have started talking nonsense, are you not ashamed of yourself old fella?

    • Ba Chilyata, do not defend the indefensible. HH and UPND, like me and many other people, criticized ECL for his numerous trips abroad. I still feel the President should spend more time at home instead of globe trotting.

      We are yet to see the fruit of his many trips abroad. He definitely has to account for the resources expended on these trips.

  2. Ba JMC the trips tht ECL took never brought any meaningful benefits to the country apart from himself. No need to remind u how PF lamentable failed to make progress on the IMF bail out. On the other had, you have the incumbent who has made significant progress on the matter and many others.
    Chilyata is right any clown, retiree or job seeker in Zambia today will register a political party and starting advancing his personal interest under the guise of public interest. Immediately any of these charlatans are awarded a job do u ever hear of them? Msoni has nothing to offer even you JMC, if u truely thought he had some credibility u would given him your vote and not the Zeros will continuously witness.

  3. Thus speaks a bitter person who feels he should have been given a position.political prostitute.i expected better from this gentleman.


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