I Almost Shed A Tear After Watching Yo Maps’ Latest Song- Dr Nevers Mumba



By Dr Nevers Mumba

One of our youths just dedicated this latest song by Yo Maps to me.

I have placed it on repeat just to take in the beauty of the song and the message it carries.

Indeed this boy deserves the following he gets and he was born to place Zambia on the world map and nothing else.

Much recently, he has gone through a terrible phase of being rated, mistreated, punished even under the auspices of the national mob (called the disciplinary committee), but yet, he picks it up each time, and nothing can break him.

Indeed, he speaks for many of us who have suffered harsh judgement, and been subjected to people that have made it their life mission to spew hate and hurtful things because they feel they know us better than we know ourselves, people that feel that they have earned a right to be the arbiter of another human being’s destiny, people that want to decide what decisions one makes, who one must love, what you must do, and they even go further by telling you why you have been doing the things that you do.

https://youtu.be/hs3X7xH3fkcYo Maps

Indeed, you have outdone yourself YoBoy…



  1. That’s the positive attitude you need to soar high!
    Don’t pay attention to what haters say!
    What people say about you is none of your business!


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