Investigative Wings Have Seized Edgar Lungu’s Lodge In Lusaka’s Ibex Hill Area


INVESTIGATIVE wings have seized what they believe to be former Republican President Edgar Lungu’s lodge in Lusaka’s Ibex Hill area.

The lodge has been seized under a law that allows forfeiture of property suspected to be proceeds of crime.

According to a notice of seizure served on the former President dated September 19, 2022, Crest Lodge which is on property No LUS/38479 was seized in terms of section 15 of the Prohibition and Prevention of Money Laundering Act No.14 of 2001 as there were reasonable grounds for believing that they were liable to seizure.

The seizure was carried out by an Investigative officer by the name of Mr Khondowe and was witnessed by Mr Katete the Director of Crest Lodge.

The notice indicated that the property located in Ibex Hill may be declared to be forfeited to the State under section 17 of the Prohibition and Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

And Zambia Republican Party President Wright Musoma said that the property had been seized as being suspected proceed of crime and that they were trying to find something to be used to remove Mr Lungu’s immunity.

Mr Musoma believes that the seizure was the commencement of the long awaited investigation, removal of immunity and subsequent prosecution of the former President.

“”This is a well calculated plot designed to remove immunity.”he said.

said this meant that investigations may ultimately lead to the removal of immunity for prosecution which was a well calculated move.

He added that the nullification of seats in Parliament was also meant to secure suffiicient numbers in order for immunity removal to succeed “”They do not have sufficient numbers to pass a vote for immunity removal, hence the plot for nullification of seats.”” he said.

Under the present law any claim of impropriety must go to Parliament where two thirds must vote for immunity removal.

He however said the UPND did not have two thirds hence the efforts to nullify seats so that they get the numbers.

He said President Hichilema needed to take a leaf from his Kenyan counterpart William Ruto who offered an olive branch to his predecessor who actually supported his opponent.- Daily Nation


  1. Is a former republican president above the law? If a former republican president committed crimes should he be prosecuted or not? Why are ordinary citizens arrested when they break the law while a former president and other high profile politicians when they are being investigated their associates are quick to say it is persecution? In a democratic state like Zambia, there should be equality before the law and justice should be fairly applied to all. In short no one is above the law if the former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu was involved in criminal activities he should face the law squarely and if that requires immunity to be removed let it be so. We put people in position of authority to serve us faithfully, honestly and prudently. Many selfish people join politicians not to serve the country but to get rich quickly. Greedy and love for luxury has destroyed the political system in Zambia.

  2. Don’t blame the new Dawn government, the person who started this episode is chishimba kambwili during the time in opposition when he was President of his political party. He gave out a lot of information concerning Mr.Edgar chagwa Lungu’s questionable properties including the one in question.Truly Mr. Edgar Lungu was president full of questionable character, he signed a long constitution ,went to urge that ministers can remain running their ministries after the dissolution of parliament and many others. The man was a thorn in the Zambians,he encouraged carders,he allowed are bad forms of divide and rule giminastics so that he could continue ruling. It’s now time for him to answer his charges as an individual and let him do that.

  3. All those who accumulated wealth illegally should be made to account for
    It.Zambians voted new dawn to retrieve
    All this wealth and give it back to the Zambians in form of free education etc.

  4. I just have one question. Bushe sure, a former president of seven years cannot own a lodge?
    How many ordinary people own lodges in Zambia, and yet a former president cannot?

  5. Ba Issachar, it is not the question of owning a lodge that matters here but how that lodge was gotten. Many people have lodges the law enforcement agency will not be on their necks if they acquired them genuinely. If on the other hand they got them in a dubious means the law will follow them.

  6. It is ourselves to blame to have had such a person as President of Zambia.

    We knew that when he was practicing law he swindled his client and was suspended from LAZ.
    From the Secret Service point of view, President Sata was advised NOT TO A POINT HIM. But President Sata went on appointing him Minister.

    There must be a great need to review Secret Service Act of Zambia to save our country from such kind of people.

    Zambia can not be a country when its system is being tempered by the President as it was during PF Government, its financial system was easily disturbed and we call that as Leadership. The Secret Service must be at hand to protect the systems of governance of our country without compromise. Hence the need to amend the Secret Service Act of Zambia to be in line with Multi party democracy. We must understand that NOT every person that will come will be a noble person to our governance system.

  7. Do not compare Kenyata with Lungu. Did Kenyata engage in corruption? Did you hear that Kenyata had run down the economy of Kenya through uwu bomba mwibala? This guy Lungu is luck for not being in jail by now.


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