Thabo Kawana
Thabo Kawana



Disclaimer: I write this article as a member and Dynamic Analyst on this platform and not as a civil servant employed by Govt, therefore the views expressed are personal and in no way represent Govt directly or indirectly hence all ramifications thereof accrue to me as an individual.

(Imwe ba ndani imwe, mwa mvela. Palibe chigayo apa kuti mu yambe kulemba ati Govt has said…)

So I see that the reported break-in at Former President Lungu’s House has raised issues with the PF party Spokesperson claiming it is an indictment on President HH. And the other Zeroin claiming President HH is to blame whilst others claim this is the first time such a thing has ever happened where a Former Republican President’s residence or Office has been broken into by thieves.

I shall leave the details of the reported incidence to the Police as this is a matter of criminal investigations. But I would like to put a few facts straight over this incidence.


NO. It is not. Former President Rupiah Banda at his New Kasama residence experienced two break-ins with thieves climbing over his wall fence and stole all the big batteries of the big power back up (inventor) at his residence and it was reported and on record.

Then the second time thieves climbed over his security wall fence again and this time stole the entire water pump from the very New Kasama residence and it was reported and on record.

As though that where not enough, the office of the Fourth Republican President located in Rhodes Park opposite the heavily guarded Refugee office on one side and, the heavily guarded DMMU Office on the other side and shared boundaries with the heavily guarded residence of the late Former Chief Justice was equally twice broken into.

In the first incident the thieves got away with all TV sets in all rooms including the very office of Former President Banda.

In the second incident, they swept the office clean out of all artifacts including window curtains (Kwati ba kuka).

Did we hear anyone claim it was an indictment on President Lungu or an orchestrated operation? No. Because maturity and not wanting to scandalize or politicize issues characterized Former President Banda’s outfit (members and staff).

Thieves are just that…thieves. They can strike anywhere at anytime and there is no need to point fingers and indict innocent people.

My advise is to the PF and it’s members to stop patronizing the Private residence of the Former President with crowds of Cadres who’s character we all know of, that action exposes the residence which ordinarily should be a private dwelling and place of peace and rest. Some people among the crowds you tinta ngombe there are actually thieves, criminals and you invite them into a private residence in their numbers, big mistake.

Secondly, learn to utilize your Party secretariat for activities and not the private home of your leader. And for your private meetings, you can utilize the Office of the Sixth Republican President and not his private residence.

I have seen and read assertions that Govt must quickly establish the office of the Sixth Republican President, and some people asserting such are even former senior civil servants and diplomats. Really? What ignorance is this? Has the Former President hid his office from you people? Because the Office of the Sixth Republican President paid for and facilitated by Govt does exist and is located in Kabulonga on Bishop Rd. How do you not know this?

So yes, this incident is regrettable and unfortunate but it’s not the first time such is happening to a Former President and no need to indict innocent people, just stop exposing the man and his household to Cadres, have respect for his private residence.

I remain
Thabo Kawana
(U can insult now)


  1. How do you know it is pure theft, Kawana? Has the police concluded its investigations and given you their report for you to say what you are saying. The best would be to wait for the police to conclude its investigations. That is what you should have urged the PF to do instead of jumping to conclusions the way the PF has also done. You are politicizing the matter like the PF.

    • I have nothing to say.Kawana please he should grow up. The other day he made a fool of the journalist who was interviewing him. Power has gone to his head. He is a very pompous guy. We voted for change not that pomposity from kawana. political power doesn’t last forever. Be humble my dear.

  2. Kawana has said the truth. The question is- who is the National Youth Chairman for PF? Let’s hear how he has been looking after his fallen president? Has he been left out of the picture and forgotten by the PF? Is he not their man? Shame to PF. The man is officially a PF president as he has not handed over to the elected PF president yet. Have they had any plan to protect their president or they think only the government should protect him. Nakachinda can write an application to the UPND secretariat to a man called MOSQUITO for help. Mosquito can organize a seminar for the PF in this regard for free.

  3. Kawana has not concluded anything, he is just putting the record straight and put to shame those idiots who found the reported theft to be an opportunity to make stupid names by pointing at innocent people as being responsible. Ubututu fye na kamushi awamapo uushakwatapo idea,

  4. Lungu is himself is part of the PF scheme. He has no self respect, lacks the wisdom and integrity to do the right things. We all saw how he used to unleash caders on people who did not agree with him. Do you recall him telling the police that if they can’t do the job they should get out of the way so his militia could do whatever he wanted? ACC, DEC and FIC we want to know about the status of the Presidential Empowerment fund and it’s source of funds. We need to know the source and all the beneficiaries. The arrest of the PS Health administration shined some light on the COVID 19 Empowerment Lungu was giving to the churches. Let’s get with the case and get Lungu to account. You can’t have a presidential empowerment fund whose source of funds is not budgeted for. There is plenty to get Lungu on. Let’s get the ball rolling and keep adding more charges. What was the source of the Presidential Empowerment fund?

  5. surely, are some people so retarded not to appreciate the issues raised by kawana or they are part of the schemers of this incident, shame to you all!!


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