IT’S CROSSING LINE TO CALL PRESIDENT CROOK… let’s not emulate HH’s disrespect for presidents during opposition times – KABIMBA

Wynter Kabimba

IT’S CROSSING LINE TO CALL PRESIDENT CROOK – KABIMBA … let’s not emulate HH’s disrespect for presidents during opposition times

Economic Front (EF) leader Wynter Kabimba has urged opposition leaders not to emulate Hakainde Hichilema’s culture of not respecting presidents during his time as an opposition leader, saying he can’t for instance use the word crook to describe any head of state in the same manner as Sean Tembo.

Commenting on PeP leader Sean Tembo’s tweet that the country has had all sorts of characters as president, but that it was the first time that “we have a shameless crook”, Kabimba said opposition leaders must develop civil discourse as the office of president is the image for all the people in the country.

“I know that HH himself didn’t respect that office and I think that is important to point that out. For the whole period Edgar Lungu was in government he did not recognize him as head of state. I don’t know whom he thought the president of the country was. HH must realize he’s one of the architects of this discourse which is not civil and which others are copying from him,” Kabimba said. “I remember being in a meeting convened at Mulungushi by the ECZ, I remember HH making a comment that ‘the problem we have is that we have no leadership’ and ECL retorted that ‘I was voted for by people, you can’t be saying that.’ And it brought some noise. I don’t think we should copy HH’s culture and attitude when in opposition of belittling the office of President.”

Kabimba said those that were seeking to get into office should show that they wanted to bring an end to the culture of not respecting the office of President and tame down on the culture of vulgarity in the language they use.

He said the point was that people could still make a point by being respectful, saying when people who were looked as leaders needed to carry their followers along as people can only be as good as their leaders.

Kabimba said he had serious differences with President Hichilema on policy and how he was running affairs, but would not go to the extent of referring to him as a crook.

But put to him that he had written to the President where he called him a puppet and has also used phrases that President Hichilema must carry a sense of public shame and apologise to Zambia’s for the lies, Kabimba said the issue was about…


  1. Kabimba carries a sense of public decency and it is a true politician.
    He is different from uncultured catapillar hunters like Sean Tembo that were born as lumpens and only know insults as their checks and balances!
    Problem is HH himself allowed uncivilised people like Sean Tembo to be insulting him.

  2. HH will never sink so low as to respond to both Sean Tembo and Winter Kabimba. Sean Tembo is simply just a stupid idiot and Winter Kabimba is just a visionless clueless political nuisance.

  3. Kabwamba, please, let it sink in your empty skull that ECL was an illegal president, in other serious countries, he should by now be standing trial of treason together with the likes of Chulu and all those idiots who aided him. So HH and other Zambians who didn’t recognize ECL as legally elected president were very right. STUPID IDIOT.

  4. Who is Sean tembo? He is not a politician but a junkie. Kabimba is a joker. These guys have nothing to offer. Kabimba was chased from government ya pf for misbehaving. Bally is presidential. Ecl was illegally voted into pf candidature by raising of hands. Illegal from the word go.


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