Kai Cenat speaks out after fans criticized him for hanging with North West at party


After a video of him interacting with North West at her birthday party surfaced, popular streamer Kai Cenat was criticized by online users. On June 15, North West had a party at the American Dream Mall in New Jersey to celebrate turning 11.

Based on a video that Kim Kardashian posted to Instagram, Cenat was a special guest at the party. Along with Kardashian’s close friend LaLa Anthony, Cenat was one of the esteemed guests at the party. Cenat tweeted a photo of himself smiling alongside North at the celebration, which drew criticism from the online community.

On X, one netizen commented, “Idgaf who my daughter favorite streamer is. Aint no grown ass man coming to her birthday party.” His comment earned nearly 20,000 likes.

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The 22-year-old replied to those who called him out for “being weird.” As reported by Complex, he disclosed that he went to the celebration at the request of Kardashian, who wanted her daughter to meet her “favorite” streamer.

Cenat remarked, “Everybody who literally made yesterday weird, you’re being so weird, bro. Not gonna lie, everybody who made yesterday a weird thing… First thing’s first, bro, I’m North’s favorite streamer, bro. So yesterday, all she wanted to do was meet me. That was it, literally! So, anybody who’s making it weird like, that’s the weirdest thing ever.”

He added, “We had a great time yesterday. I met Kim Kardashian! I met North, she’s great, bro. She has a good group of friends around her, everything was great, bro.”

The streamer mentioned that many children watch his show and would “love” to meet him.

Cenat was recently slammed by North West’s father Kanye West after the streamer tried on some oversized Yeezy sweatpants the rapper sent to him. “Bro, this shit is not fitting me, bro!” he said as he showed off the pants. “Bro, you supposed to send a extra extra small…. not an extra extra large! The fuck am I supposed to do with this shit?”

Kanye West replied on Instagram: “Don’t make no jokes about my clothes…When you ain’t saying nothing about what Adidas is doing…When Vultures song came out you ain’t play my verse…You controlled.”

“Don’t play with me.”


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