Dr. Elias Munshya

This was the subject of my doctoral dissertation – “Church and State relations in Zambia: an evangelical perspective.”

The statement from Honourable Harry Kalaba reveals a huge gap in theological depth among Pentecostals. He believes that as a result of the prayers of third parties, it led to the change of President Hichilema’s attitude towards gay rights.

Mr. Kalaba doesn’t interrogate the fact President Hichilema is bound by Zambian law. Mr Kalaba’s attitude is almost very simplistic. Further, he steeps deep into a major weakness of Pentecostal attitudes and its lack of deep theological analysis of important public questions.


  1. Bushiri follower and christians for former somebody what do you want from HH7? He told you he does not support what you accused him of, he is a christian who has not taken any retribution against his oppressors but you blasphemers who believe in men have always wanted to paint him black. Well said Dr.


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