Kampyongo Now Tell Us What You Know About Gassing When You Said There Is Going To Be An End Of Terror Without Apprehending The Perpertrators Of This Barbarism



By Stembridge Sikalundu

Now that people close to the former president ECL are being probed , what is the position of KAMPYONGO and the clergy that preached in churches that the then opposition then were involved in gassing people in order to remove PF and DISTURBLISE the country .

we prayed over to have a govt change in 2021 because PF senior officials were singing the same song over the gassing , when we expected a national update on the investigations the police were giving the total number of those who were being killed and the number of police stations that were under attack by people through mob Justice because the police and govt had failed to protect zambians , when suspects were caught and taken to the police , they were being released in less than an hour .

Mr KAMPYONGO was very authoritative in defending this terror act , especially when information begun to link some PF members . Power corrupts absolutely , but it is important to see KAMPYONGO rise to this occasion against all odds and have their usual residential press briefings and say what he knows against why he wants to bounce back with the rest to govern this country again .

Zambians have the right to petition the police to question GBM and all those that were captured on camera saying they knew who gassed the zambian people . Someone thinks zambians are too forgetful , hoping that action owas just one of the things in Zambia . One PF member should come out and tell what benefit
gassing had for this country .where are those boys from the copperbelt who threatened to implicate KAMPYONGO at some point when the military stepped out to apprehend and restore order ? .

About corruption and plundering state resources you have been saying president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA is persecuting you , most PF members and the leaders had their wealth from govt and the means are well known , we changed govt so that your correct identity can be known by zambians from outside govt , so even killing citizens of this country because of gassing , is president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA persecuting some of you . This midiocrity should come to an end , many chiefs were being eroded to think people in PF were being persecuted , president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA is not going to weaken the rule of law to keep criminals smiling in zambia because they have too much stolen money .

We supported the election of PRESIDENT HAKAINDE HICHILEMA to Save this country and secure the future generations , if anyone in PF is arguing this point , let them get closer to the people of zambia because they have never been and that cost them power . One of the fundamental question that was given to president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA is to find out on behalf of the people of zambia who gassed them , retaining the stolen money and properties to the rightful owners who are the zambian people . This is part of the constitutional power during this mandate given to his excellence president HAKAINDE HICHILEMA . God bless mother Zambia .



  1. There are three reasons I voted for HH and UPND:

    1. The personal integrity of HH (leaders determine the direction of an organisation)
    2. To restore law and order
    3. To bring those who plundered the
    national treasury and committed crimes to book (million dollar fire engines, inflated price of ambulances, mukula tree, killing of innocent citizens, for example, Nsama Nsama, Vesper, Kasongo, Joseph Banda, arsonists).
    4. Bring meangful development to our country.

    I still think the President means well for our nation though I would love to see him disclose his assets and liabilities. He should not follow the example of the former president, Mr. Lungu, who changed the law so he didn’t have to disclose his personal wealth for obvious reasons – he failed to account for his phenomenon growth of wealth from K2.5million to K23million within one and a half years in 2016.

    Progress has been made in restoring law and order, but there is need to maintain vigilance when it comes to cadres and by elections. Very little has been achieved in relation to number 3.

    As long as plunderers and criminals are not held to account, we will continue to have them and the current regime is no exception.

    Bringing meaningful development to our country will take time because of the enormous damage done by the PF and their insatiable lust for debt and corruption in the name of infrastructure development. Iam willing to wait beyond UPND’s first term.

  2. Poor analysis and preoccupation with useless pf. Police are the ones to do the job. If no political will or complicity on part of pf, upnd should ask police to provide answers or even help police get some special forces such as mossad, CIA or fbi or Scotland yard. But this is not necessary, kaloma kanganja has the answers and not kampyongo. If kakoma is gagged then current IG should get to work. Asking kampyongo is similar asking a footballer to operate on an injured fellow because they played football together. Why are we avoiding asking kakoma?


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