10th May 2022
By: IP. Muvi tv

The Chinsali subornate Court has finally set June 7th 2022 as a date in the ruling of the case or no case to answer in which former Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo and six co-accused are charged for allegedly endangering an Aircraft in flight contrary to the section 8(c) and (f) Civil Aviation Act CAP 445 of Laws of Zambia.

12 witnesses have testified on behalf of the State.
amidst contradiction in their testimonies with the last witness being the arresting Officer Supretendent Peter Mudenda.
In his testimony Mr. Mudenda told the court that he came to the conclusion that an offence had been committed after receiving a complaint from Mr. Alexander Musokotwane on 24th October 2021. _

*I was assigned this case by my boss, the Inspector General of Police (IG) to carry out a thorough investigation into the matter. I then went to the crime scene in Shiwangandu with my informer and complainant Alexander Musokotwane. He is the one who came to Chelston Police to complain, “Mudenda told the Court.

Mudenda further told the Court that the only reason he arrested and charged Stephen Kampyongo was because during the period of the skirmishes, he was believed to have been within the Shiwangandu vicinity and did nothing to stop the confusion from the rowdy group.

And when asked the inconsistencies in his testimony in comparison to that of other witnesses who where present during the incident, Mudenda says he stands on firm ground on what he gathered.

During the trial, Mudenda applied to produce a Rtsa letter but the court refused to admit it on account of of the fact that Mudenda described a different document from the one he applied to produce.
In identifying the document, Mudenda told the Court that it was an RTSA letter written by a Mr. Mwaba but when shown the document he said told the court that it was written by a Mr. Glad well Banda.

The State intended to submit as evidence before the court, the document bearing the alleged details of a motor vehicle believed to have been used during the said violent act in Shiwang’andu district.
This was after lawyer Leon Lemba and George Chisanga objected to the admission of the document.

Meanwhile the State later who had in two occasions pledged to add the pilot of the said Chopper as witness informed the Court that they would be closing their case with Mudenda as the last witness.

In response the Court decided to set June 7th 2022 as a date for ruling on a case or no case to answer after it receives a written submissions from the defence and State lawyers on 16th and 20th May 2022 respectively .


  1. Ba Kampyongo there’s nothing like WITNESSES HERE. MUSOKWATANE is correct. You want to run away from issue.

    You are lucky HH is a calm president.

  2. The man will be acquitted. Look at how the police are handling this case. Even the guilty go free with such police officers at the helm of investigations.

  3. The woman who was found with $66 million was allowed to walk. Milingo Lungu says he has been promised immunity. Why does anyone think anyone will be held to account for anything?


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