Luanshya Pastor Fighting For His Life After Attempting Suicide In Church



A 56-YEAR-OLD Pentecost Assemblies of God pastor of Luanshya is fighting for his life in a critical condition after reportedly attempting suicide by ingesting a toxic substance.

According to a suicide note, Anthony Mambeu allegedly tried to end his life due to what he described as 25 years of mistreatment by his wife in their marriage.

Before the suicide attempt, it is believed that the pastor had expressed his intention to resign from his pastoral duties to his wife and fellow pastors.

On the tragic day of the suicide attempt, he was discovered unconscious at the pulpit, leaving behind a note explaining his desperate act.

Copperbelt Province police commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba disclosed that the incident happened yesterday on sunday at around 09:00 hours at the church.

Mweemba said the previous day, pastor Mambeu informed his wife of his desire to step down as the pastor.

He said the pastor subsequently made multiple phone calls to fellow pastors and church members regarding his resignation.

Mr Mweemba said on Sunday, November 5th, the pastor’s wife attempted to contact him but received no response.

He said at around 08:00 hours, the pastor called his wife and informed her that he was at the church.

“The wife then contacted Mr George Lungu to deliver the keys to the pastor at the church. Upon Mr Lungu’s arrival, he discovered that the church had already been opened. Upon entering, he found the Pastor unconscious at the pulpit with foam around his mouth. The matter was reported to Leonard Mpundu Police Station,” he added.

Mr Mweemba said when the police arrived at the scene, they discovered the unconscious pastor with foam around his mouth.

He said also found at the scene were a bottle of insecticide, water, the pastor’s ulcer medications, and a suicide note.

Mr Mweemba said the suicide note expressed gratitude to a few individuals and apologised to the church for the tragic manner of his death,further mentioning that his life was a sacrifice.

He said the note further revealed that the pastor had endured mistreatment from his wife for a quarter of a century.

“He was rushed to Thompson District Hospital for medical attention, where he is currently in an unstable condition,” Mr Mweemba said.


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