Lucky Mulusa
Lucky Mulusa


Movement for Democratic Change MDC Secretary General Lucky Mulusa has resigned from the party after learning he was set to be expelled from the party on Wednesday morning.

The MDC had called for a press briefing on Wednesday where Mr. Mulusa was supposed to be expelled but was tipped off by another party official hence his night resignation from the party.

Mr. Mulusa has recently been issuing statements to the effect that the UPND Alliance had veered off from the initial agreement with regards to sharing jobs was concerned.

Mr. Mulusa has also accused party president Felix Mutati of only representing himself and others while urging him to either resign from his government position or party position.

According to impeccable sources within Mr. Mulusa’s circle’s he claims he was promised a Cabinet Ministerial position by President Hakainde Hichilema prior to the 2021 August general elections.

However the source says Mr. Mulusa has been complaining that President Hichilema has not been picking his calls, somthing he has described as disrectifulness on the part o the president.

Lately Mr. Mulusa has been seen meeting PF members for a possible plot of how to destabilise both the alliance and the MDC.

The source further says the mission between the PF and Mr. Mulusa was simply to have Mr. Mutati fired and break up the alliance and use the MDC as a standby vehicle incase of PF damage after the June convention.

Mr. Mulusa has recently been seen frequenting sedonia a popular drinking place in the company of a named journalist running an online publication.

The former MDC SG claims he has enough political muscle to offset the UPND’S popularity in northwestern and has made it his number one priority.

In the coming days Mr. Mulusa is expected to make several political statements disparaging either government or Mr. Mutati as an individual or the MDC as a political party in an alliance with the UPND government .

He wrote…

Dear all,

This is to inform you all that I have with immediate effect stepped down as the MDC – SG.

I wish to thank all of you for the support rendered in my position.

I wish the MDC family all the best as you strive to achieve the noble objectives of the Party.

God Bless,

Lucky Mulusa


  1. Good riddance. This chap has a tendency to overate himself and cant just accept his dwarf status in politics.
    Talking of recalling Felix from the Alliance as if he will give him something better to do – what a joke?
    Let him go; he is not a factor in anything and nobody will miss him anyway.

  2. What muscle does this fool have? This is why Zambia cannot develop, you have so many masquerades claiming to be politicians only for their tummies. Stupid Idiots.

  3. Old fashioned tricks of a finished politician, Lucky Mulusa is not popular in Northwestern province. Therefore, he has no influence of bring down UPND in Northwestern province, it is wishful thinking where individuals believe they are popular, yet they are nothing but empty tins making noise. People like Mulusa are seeking opportunities to survive, Mulusa has no principles to define his leadership. He is morally bankrupt and overzealous selfish person seeking personal benefits for survival.

    Young people wakeup start to take part in politics we are tired of listening to old recycled politicians shifting from one political party to another looking for means and opportunities to survive.

    Mulusa is not different from Raphael Nakachinda they have been abusing Honourable Felix Mutati.


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