Matero Kung-fu master changes plea, admits assulting wife


Matero Kung-fu master changes plea, admits assulting wife

IN a turn of events, Matero ‘Kung-fu master’ Baxton Danga has changed his plea and has admitted to having brutalised his wife during a domestic dispute.

In August this year, the 56-year old of Lusaka’s Matero Township appeared in a shocking video that went viral on social media dispatching brutal kung-fu kicks on his defenceless wife but when taken to Court Danga denied ever assaulting his spouse.

But in a latest development, the accused who denied occasioning his wife actual bodily harm admitted committing the crime.

Danga’s change of goal post comes after his indecisive wife who wanted to have the gender based violence case withdrawn from Court, was convinced to attest to the video depicting her endure barbarity.

With irrefutable evidence capable of having him caged for a protracted duration, the violent Danga acknowledged his atrocities before Lusaka magistrate Kawama Mwamfuli and changed his plea to guilty at a point of no return.

Magistrate Mwamfuli adjourned the case to December 1, 2023 for impact statement hearing and Judgement.

In this matter Danga is charged with Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm.

It is alleged that the ferocious Danga on August 8, 2023 battered his defenceless wife Racheal Nkosi and occasioned her actual bodily harm.

Danga’s savagery was exposed by his neighbour who recorded a video of him ruthlessly using fists, round kicks and some point a metallic hoe handle to beat his subdued wife.

The video was then shared on social media.

In a gut-wrenching two minutes and 34 seconds mortal combat video, Danga was seen kick-boxing his wife, twisting her wrist and smacking her face hard before he violently slammed her head against an unplastered wall.

Upon his hands ballooning from beating Nkosi Danga picked a metallic rod which he used to hit her on the head as the nosy neighbour pleaded with him to stop the violence and allow his wife to breastfeed their infant.

The defenceless Nkosi who was beaten whilst in a sitting position could not retaliate or escape from further beatings as all she could do was whimper due to the painful kicks to her head and body.

After exhausting his strength, Danga purified his hands in a basin and walked away upon satisfying his insatiable desire for violence.

The accused’s other neighbour Emmanuel Kunda, who equally witnessed the couple’s mortal combat reported the incident to the police, who were to act swiftly by arresting Danga to preserve Nkosi’s life and avoid recording a case of murder instead.

The survivor was rushed to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

By Mwaka Ndawa



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