Afrimax English, shared a very extraordinary story about 2 sisters who are comfortably married and sharing the same husband.

Diudonne is the man who has married the 2 sisters. According to Diudonne, he first fell in love with the elder sister. The two were deeply in love and, they were really enjoying their love life. However the major challenge, they had was getting children.

The elder wife couldn’t conceive, so after sharing the story and coming to the same agreement. Diudonne was given a greenlight to marry, the younger sister to his elder wife. The elder wife convinced her younger sister.

The sister accepted and he got married to Diudonne as a 2nd Wife. She conceived, and the 3 are now living a very happy life. They share the same room and husband. Diudonne said, he cannot cheat because they fully satisfy him. He said that they are living a very happy life, and he has peace of mind.


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