Minister of Finance has obtained a loan from the World Bank to construct 120 Secondary Schools


By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

The Minister of Finance has obtained a loan from the World Bank to construct 120 Secondary( High) Schools.

Following the completion of the process the allocation of the high schools have been distributed this way; 8 in Central, Copperbelt(15), Eastern (😎, Luapula(5), Lusaka(6), Muchinga (😎, Northern(9), Northwestern( 21), Southern(12) and Western Provinces (22).

1. Central-8 (Katuba, Chitambo, Keembe, Mkushi South, Mumbai, Lufubu,Mkushi North and Nangoma)

2. Copperbelt-15- (2,Chililabombwe,Chingola, Kalulushi, Kwacha, Nkana, Luanshya Central, 2 Lufwanyama Masaiti, Mufulilra Central, 2 Mpongwe, Ndola Central, Chifubu,

3. Eastern-8 ( Chama, Chasefu, Luangeni, Kasenengwa, Lumezi, and Lundazi).

4. Luapula-5 (Milenge, Mansa Central, Bahati, Chienge, Pambashe and Chifunabuli)

5. Lusaka-6 ( Chilanga, Chirundu, Chongwe, Kafue, Matero, Rifunsa).

6. Muchinga- 8 ( Shiwangandu, Mfuwe, Isoka, Nakonde, Kanchibiya, 2 Mafinga, Chinsali).

7. Northern Province- 9 (Kaputa, Kasama Central, Lubasenshi, Lunte, Lupososhi, Mbala, Mporokoso, Moulungu and Senga Hill).

8. Southern 12 (Chikankata, 3 Chirundu, Namwala Central, Bweengwa, Pemba, Gweembe, Sinazongwe, Mapatizya, Livingstone, Kazungula)

9. North-Western -21 ( 2 Chavuma, 4 Ikelenhe, 3 Kabompo, Sowezi West, 2 Kasempa, 2 Manyinga, 2 Mufumbwe, 2 Solwezi East, 2 Mwinilunga, 2 Solwezi Central, 2 Mwinilunga, and 2 Zambezi East).

10. Western Province- 22 ( Liuwa, Kalabo Central, Kaoma Central, Mangango, Senanga Central, Mulobezu Central, Mwandi, Sioma, Lukulu, Mitete, Sikongo, Luena, Nalolo, 2 Nkeyema Central 2 Shangombo and 2 Luampa .)


    ( like the issue of feeder roads where PF GOVT gave North-Province [ 0/- or if you like completely nothing even when they knew that almost all the roads in NWP are very bad the evil mwamba and his tribalism were quiet , Gave themself three universities he,was quiet ) but on this one his ears like a kangaroo standing on its toes listening to repeat as if we didn’t hear or see.
    The truth of the matter is-
    In the the previous govt, they got a loan and built schools. They gave 0 secondary schools to NWP, Western, Southern, 0.
    The minister of finance is on record saying that the New dawn government shall get a loan to build secondary schools and equitably share. You can see that no province has remained behind. So, the likes of Emmanuel Mwamba must not be taking people for granted. We haven’t forgotten the injustices that we had in the previous government.
    Education is an equalizer. And the demages which were made in the last 10 yeas must be reversed.


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