Ambrose Lufuma
Ambrose Lufuma


Dear countrymen and women,

The Ministry of Defence would like to inform the general public that, of late there have been social media reports and addresses on different platforms purporting that the Zambia Army sent Special Forces to Mr Chilufya Tayali’s home to harm him and in the process arrested his garden boy.

We would like to state that the Ministry of Defence and the Zambia Army in particular, deny these allegations that, at no time did the Army or any wing of the defence force go to Mr Tayali’s house to breach his fence perimeter to force entry into his house to either arrest or harm him.

If at all there were any non-state security actors or any private security firm clad in military regalia bearing resemblance to any of our military wings uniform that was mistaken for our defence force at Mr Tayali’s premises, that should not be insinuated as Zambia Army or any of its sister services.

My government, through this ministry, is also aware of innuendos and calculated manoeuvers from unscrupulous people to destabilise the country by weakening the defence force, and we, therefore, caution the public not to take everything that comes from social tabloids as gospel truth.

As the Ministry of Defence, we want to make it clear that we will avoid endangering the public on matters of national security through the media.

Zambia practices tenets of good governance and democracy, some of which are, freedom of speech, the rule of law, and the right for the people to participate in politics and affiliate any to political party of their choice.

However, these personal and universal rights should not be abused. In this vein, the ministry also wishes to state that it will not accept any politician putting the name of the defence force into disrepute for any political expedience.

As a result, the Ministry of Defence and the Zambia Army wish to urge members of the public, especially those with intentions to destabilize the peace and security of this country, to exercise this right with sensitivity and responsibility.

Furthermore, the ministry would want to issue a timely advice to all politicians Mr Tayali inclusive, that conspiracy against the defence force and the presidency is a violation of the laws of Zambia and constitutes an offence.

I also wish to state categorically that the Zambia Army remains a people’s and professional army mandated by the constitution to defend and serve the nation at all times.

I therefore, urge citizens to always protect the good name of the Army and its works, and the defence and security wings in general, and never allow desperate citizens to damage the country’s reputation.

We want to advise political leaders against dragging the Zambia Army into politics as it is non-partisan.

Countrymen and women, I urge citizens to always safeguard the peace in this country by respecting those entrusted with powers to maintain it and avoid political strife which may plunge this country into chaos like what happening in other countries where politicians have drugged the military into politics.

Our military will always protect the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia and remains resolute in the promotion of democratic tenets and principles by respecting the government’s constitutional oversight role by the security wings.

Remember, unrest and instability in the country will affect all residents including and especially the vulnerable such as our children and the women.

It’s our responsibility to guard the peace that we enjoy jealously. It is easy to destabilize and break the peace we enjoy today than to maintain or rebuild it.

Therefore, I urge all well-meaning Zambians to guard and protect the peace, stability, and sovereignty that we enjoy as a country jealously.

I thank you.

Hon Ambrose L Lufuma – MP
Minister of Defence


  1. It would help if the police and army can establish what really transpired so that the truth is known.

    Mr. Tayali is an attention seeker and will not behave in a decent manner unless he is exposed for what he truly is.

  2. Chilufya Tayali has no known source of income. He gets paid by his sponsors to say or do anything that they think lowers the standing of the current government.

    • Tayali is also a citizen of Zambia. If he has a grievance, it should be addressed by the police.

      Clearly as you have pointed out, this boy Tayali has no income, so is highly unlikely to have paid those mercenaries to fake the intrusion. Neither would his sponsors because operations of that type can go horribly wrong resulting in a death.

      The police are there to protect ALL citizens, not just UPND members and praise singers. Unless I missed the memo claiming otherwise?

      I suspect those “soldiers” were sent there by his enemies (and we know who his chief enemy is) to intimidate, but not harm him.

  3. Can the police issue out a call out and have this case taken to court so that the matter can be established beyond any reasonable doubt.

    If the person fails to prove the allegations let him face the law as stipulated in our justice system. This is not an issue to play with.

    In court you have to prove beyond any reasonable doubt to your accusations are so. Looking at the nonsense that was present this guy will have to answer to these unwarranted utterances.

    • Ba Mate, I totally agree that the police should address this matter urgently and vigorously. Unless they are complicit, or are aware of who was responsible (and they know they can not touch them).

      One thing for sure is that if the police suspected Tayali had faked this intrusion, they would have picked him up by now, as they have done previously (on so many occasions, both during ECL and HH tenure) for a lot less.

      We lost Tutwa Ngulube via suspicious circumstances, even though Tutwa kept telling everyone that there was a plot to eliminate him by his enemies. We all dismissed his fears as paranoia or PF tactics at the time. And now 19 children have no father.

      • Are you not stretching imagination far too thin my friend. A this rate I will nominate you for an academy award at the Grammys for vivid sensitive imagination.

        However this drama is very comical and laughable when you really come to think of it. The emotional hype only strengthens the evidence that it is fake and failed planned story. Quite sickening to say the least.

        But , I take note of your very sensitive observations which obviously need some adjusting ok my dear friend.

  4. I have watched the surveillance tape recording on two two online bloggers platforms. Personally I find it very strange that after the intruders handcuff Tayali’s gardener at some point they leave the premises leaving the entrance gate wide open and the gardener remains calm and does not, as would be expected in such circumstances, run out to summon for assistance from neighbours.

  5. The long statement from the Minister of Defence does little to Persuade me. It has some holes, and just a boring ” monologue”
    Why are the police not inviting Tayali so that he tells them what really transpired???
    If it is an offence to make false accusations against the army, why are they not taking Mr Tayali to task???
    In the absence of any movement from the Police or the Army, Tayali’s accusations, am afraid remain Valid..the lecture from the Minister doesn’t help much.


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