By Chanoda Ngwira

The resignation of Mr. Anthonio Mwanza from the Patriotic Front (PF) has caused quite a stir in political circles. As a senior member of the Secretariate and former Media Director of the party, Mwanza’s departure has raised several eyebrows due to the controversial remarks he made during his resignation announcement. This article aims to delve into the key points surrounding Mwanza’s resignation and the subsequent fallout.

1. Unnecessary Scandalous Remarks

One of the primary criticisms surrounding Mr. Mwanza’s resignation is the perception that he went beyond the boundaries of professionalism by making scandalous remarks. While individuals have the right to express their opinions, Mwanza’s choice of words and the tone used during his announcement were seen by many as unnecessary and potentially damaging to the party’s image. Some argue that a more composed and diplomatic approach would have been more appropriate.

2. Casting Aspersions on the Former Party

Another point of contention is Mwanza’s decision to cast aspersions on his former party, the Patriotic Front. Critics argue that his public criticism of the party may have undermined the unity and coherence that the PF strives to maintain. Mwanza’s remarks have not only sparked internal divisions but have also provided ammunition for the party’s adversaries, leading some to question his motives behind such actions.

3. Resignation without Excessive Disclosures

Some argue that Mr. Mwanza could have opted for a more reserved approach when resigning from the party. Instead of making sweeping statements and revealing internal issues, he could have resigned quietly without necessarily delving into the specifics. This approach could have preserved the integrity of the party while still allowing him to pursue his own convictions.

4. Responsibility as a Senior Member of the Secretariate

Critics also highlight that Mwanza’s position as a senior member of the Secretariate implies that he was part of the problems he vocally addressed. As the former Media Director, Mwanza had a unique opportunity to voice his concerns and provide advice to the party’s leadership internally. Some argue that he should have utilized his privileged position to effect change from within, rather than airing grievances after his resignation.

5. Missed Opportunity to Advise Party Leaders

A significant point raised by observers is why Mr. Mwanza did not leverage his position as Media Director to advise the party leaders regarding the issues he highlighted in his resignation. Given his access to the party’s leadership and his role in shaping public perception, many question why he did not attempt to address these concerns privately or engage in constructive dialogue before resorting to a public resignation.

In conclusion, Mr. Anthonio Mwanza’s resignation from the Patriotic Front has sparked controversy due to the manner in which it was carried out and the content of his remarks. While individuals have the right to express their views, the perception remains that a more tactful approach could have been taken. As a senior member of the Secretariate, Mwanza’s resignation raises questions about his prior role and the choices he made during his tenure. The missed opportunity to advise party leaders privately also raises eyebrows regarding his motives and the overall impact of his resignation on the party.


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