..resorts to scamming local businessmen and orphans their hard earned money and properties.

As revealed by the “Source”

Late Republican President Michael Sata’s son Mulenga Sata has become a menace to society after going broke and has since resorted to scamming Lusaka businessmen and orphans their hard earned money and properties.

According to the Source close to the businessmen, Mulenga Sata is currently desperately trying to find buyers to buy three properties belonging to the businessmen that were used as collateral in a business transaction despite being paid back the principal amount and interests.

Mulenga Sata has stubbornly refused to hand back the title deeds for the properties because he wants to take advantage of poor businessmen’s softness by turning them into his cash cows who will be paying interests to the people he owes a lot of money.

The Source also disclosed that Mulenga Sata wants to sell a house belonging to two unnamed orphans whose both parents died. He has promised to give the poor orphans a difference of $20,000 after selling their property but the orphans have stopped him in his tracks by taking him to Court. .

“The Bible in the book of James 1:27 warns us against mistreating the orphans but why is Mulenga Sata doing this to the poor orphans?” Source wondered after quoting the word of scripture.

“I want to warn the public not to engage in any business transaction of buying properties with Mulenga Sata. This is a serious warning and anyone who will ignorantly do so risks losing their money,” warned the Source.

According to the Source, the principal amount plus interest was paid to Mulenga Sata in June last year and he even signed on a legal document his acknowledgement as proof of receipt of funds.

The Source also suspects that Mulenga Sata may not have disclosed to his business partner who happens to be his wife that he received the funds from the businessmen due to the way he is insisting on selling property which does not belong to him.

The Source further appealed to Republican President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and the entire ruling party to properly scan Mulenga Sata before considering him for any position because he is not exhibiting leadership qualities with the way he conducts his businesses.

“Mulenga Sata failed to become rich when his father was in State House and now he wants to use his affiliations with the New Dawn Government to milk the poor and finance his extravagant lifestyle. He sends his kids to expensive schools in Europe when he has no proper financial cash flows. My advice to Mulenga Sata is that he should live within his means and if he wants to sell property let him sell what belongs to him,” said the Source.

Efforts to get a comment from the businessmen proved futile by press time as they were reportedly locked up in a meeting.

SOURCE: Zibani Zambia

A public notice published in a newspaper has warned Zambians against purchasing some properties from Mulenga Sata or Hover Investments or his agents.


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