”My Marriage with Tombi in real life has no negative impact on my performance in Mpali”.Joel Swax Sakala

After keeping Zambia glued to the television screens in last two seasons of the local soap opera Mpali, Jairos promises viewers more interesting stuff in Season 3 of the local drama series.

He is the farm manager on Nguzu’s farm. Like many other actors and actresses in the drama series, Jairos has become a household name.

Jairos is a guy who tries to hustle his way up. He is very loyal to his work and to the owner of the farm, Nguzu. He is more like Nguzu’s bodyguard. He is always there when the big man is in trouble!

And by the way, he says he is God fearing, can you believe that? After playing around with his boss’s wife, Monde, he still claims to be God fearing? I know most of you will doubt that but well, that’s the farm manager for you.

When it comes to women, Jairos behaves like he has some Nguzu traits in him. I mean, he once caused the drama among the mother to his son Jayjay, Monde the wife to Nguzu and Malita, Nguzu’s niece. He just doesn’t seem to be satisfied with one woman (that is in Mpali).

His real name is Joel Swax Sakala and he has been in the movie industry for ten years. Like any other occupation, there have been challenges in his acting career, at some point, he even felt like giving up.


He has been in a number of series but only a few got recognition. What has kept him moving is the support from his brothers. Most importantly, the man in the mirror always pushes him to do more despite the hardships.

In the coming Season 3 of Mpali, he says people will get to know more about his son Jayjay, the other enemies who are coming for his boss Nguzu, how he will protect the him and the farm.

Apart from that, the farm manager’s drama with Nguzu’s wife Monde will continue.

Jairos, who is married to Ntombi (Lissy Yambayamba) in real life feels his marriage has had no negative impact on his performance in Mpali. If he has a scene with his wife, Jairos respects Ntombi because according the script, he is just a worker and Ntombi is the wife to the boss.

As a matter of fact, Jairos even helps his wife with some words to make the scene more interesting. At times, he tells her “unipontele chabe unganimenye na mbama so that yioneke” (just shout at me, you can even slap me so that it seems real).

He says “if I am on set with my wife, it’s strictly work, it doesn’t affect my marriage in any way.”

Jairos dreams of finding himself in Hollywood someday so that he can share the Zambian way of life to the whole world.

He doesn’t really want to be in Hollywood as an actor but as a movie script writer as he wants to raise the Zambian flag high through movies.

In his words, “the world hasn’t yet appreciated the art works Zambia puts out”.

Jairos encourages those trying to get into the industry to believe in themselves and be courageous, saying “in every aspect of life, hard work is cardinal”.


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