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National Sports Council of Zambia
Statement on the 2022 Commonwealth Games
The National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) is profoundly thrilled with the hard work and commitment demonstrated by 2022 Zambia Commonwealth GamesTeam. It is out of discipline and focus of athletes, coaches, administrators and other supporting stakeholders that the country has celebrated victory in some sporting disciplines.
While appreciating all sporting disciplines that competed in the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, the National Sports Council of Zambia would like to pay tribute to Zambia Athletics (ZA) and Zambia Boxing Federation (ZBF) for everything they did to win the country three medals. A Bronze Medal by Patrick Chinyemba in Boxing, a Silver Medal in Boxing by Steven Zimba and the Gold Medal in 400m Athletics by the young man who has conquered not only Africa but also the entire Commonwealth 72 countries and territories, Muzala Samukonga.
To this end, on behalf of the National Sport Council of Zambia, Board and Staff,all National Sport Federations, the sport fraternity and the general citizenry in the country would like to applaud this great achievement. It is also our conviction that the admirable achievement of the two National Federations will be emulated and replicated to the joy of this great nation, Zambia.

In celebrating this moment, we would like to acknowledge the breath of fresh air which the National Sport Federations have continued witnessing in terms of support from Government. Indeed the New Dawn Government under the leadership of the Republic of Zambia President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema has demonstrated walking the talk for what National Sport Federations have always desired. The unprecedented financial support to what in the past was overlooked, as minor sport codes has started brining glory to this great country Zambia.

While celebrating the great hard work of our gallant young people who have done us proud, we should not allow negative sentiments that have since arisen to obscure the work of great sweat of our athletes, coaches and administrators in the country who put in all they have with the exceptional financial support from Government through the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Arts.

The unproductive, untrue and misleading discussion being spearhead by one athletein trying to overshadow the hard work of our other athletes, coaches and administrators is undesirable and should be condemned at all cost. The good counsel and guidance of the Permanent Secretary should not be misconstrued. In the meeting, in which the Permanent Secretary urged the athletes and coaches in Birmingham to stay focused and not to be derailed by delayed allowances, was also attended by our Board Member.
As an institution mandated to regulate sports in the country, we are sadden that the open door policy that the offices of the Minister and the Permanent Secretary have continuously reaffirmed, are never taken advantage off but instead being abused `by negative comments through social media. Without taking advantage of the good will these offices some associations want to continue taking away, as it is not the first time we are dealing with the unsporting behaviour of their athletes.

The National Sport Council of Zambia takes great exception with the behaviours displayed and may be left with no option but to take disciplinary action against either athletes, coaches or administrators as provided for in Chapter 142 of the Laws of Zambia.

Should you be aggrieved in any way, do utilise stipulated procedures of submitting grievances by an athlete, coach or administrator within the National Federations, the National Sport Council of Zambia as well as the National Olympic Committee. Further let us take advantage of the open door policy of the New Dawn Government to build the sport industry in the country. The National Sport Council of Zambia is ready to hear any sportsperson’s grievance amicably at any given time.
Once more, please let us celebrate the hard-earned medals in athletics and boxing.
God bless Zambia.
Eng. Patrick M.Mutimushi
National Sport Council of Zambia


  1. Obviously you want to bootlick the PS by supporting him because you know he is the appointing authority and your positions rest on his support. You are therefore not expected to be fair but totally biased. Best if this council was dissolved and the law changed so that the sports council members are not picked by the PS or minister but by another independent body.

  2. Now the idiots are ganging up on the athlete that spilled the beans.

    Hakainde should take control and fire that PS now.


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