NAWAKWI WONDERS WHETHER YELLEN, GEORGIEVA VISIT IS PRIVATE TO HICHILEMA … saying they should have engaged opposition and visited Chibolya to see squalor

FDD leader Edith Nawakwi says she is wondering whether the IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva and United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s are private visitors to President Hakainde Hichilema and his government or the people of Zambia, saying they should have found time to engage with the opposition and other stakeholders including taking visits to Chibolya, Kalikiliki Compounds and Lusaka’s Central Business district to see the squalor ordinary people are living through.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Nawakwi said the western leaders should have also visited the local clinics and hospitals within the limitations of their time.

“So they came here for PR exercise to be seen to give condolences to the dying UPND, and if those in UPND are excited that Yellen came so be it. This is the usual PR western leaders do and it finds home to naïve leaders on the continent,” Nawakwi said. “Two days ago there was a news item of two babies dying in Nangoma in incubators and following that there is this glee from the minister that Zesco has installed a standby genset, and the MP for the area and the minister are speaking with glee without any recourse to the two children who died in incubators.”

Nawakwi accused the IMF and their associates of funning civil strife in the country by not helping to address the problems the country was going through.

“If Zambians should take the 1987 food riots, it will fall squarely on Hakainde and those two ladies because they came here not to help Zambia but to concretise their business. And it’s a very naïve and an initiated leader who goes to bed with the Americans. I always say look at the Tanzanians for the simple reason that the leader there is a woman. She is talking to China and India and there is a $3 billion pledge from that country. But a naïve leader here says he wants to get $1 billion from the IMF. It’s a joke actually,” Nawakwi said. “Here is a leader who starts exporting our maize without doing clear…


  1. This woman acts as if she’s not educated and has never been in government. They came to meet the government of the Republic and guess who is the head of government? Everything should not be about politics Madam.

  2. Iam happy with the UPND praise singers, at least their choir is singing of what HH7 has done since he came to Power. As for the international community they have their offices in Zambia and they have seen that the oppostion is all about insults and the character assasination of the President, not checks and balances.

  3. But the same praise singers without substance garnered enough support to dislodge the “might PF & it’s affiliated parties” by over a million votes. The same praise singers & other voters are still inflicting defeat through by elections on PF.
    PF with their “substance” lost our trust through appalling governance & increased poverty.

  4. I don’t think much of the likes of Nawakwi who once held office for many years of hope by the Zambian people and become leaders in criticism after losing office for then its like when cotton wool has been removed from their eyes, ears and, their brain’s! I believe in the voter’s card in my possession and personal judgement on what leadership would have achieved towards my aspirations at the end of term that I have the power of expression using my vote! Luckily I am well versed enough to see through politicians that mean well for peoles aspirations and those that make uninformed utterances of discourse! My vote will speak for me!

  5. Expecting such important dignitaries to meet an idiot like Nawakwi and her fellow idiots can be a very big insult to the international community. STUPID N IDIOT.

  6. At times I feel like crying when I see Edith Nawakwi because I had a lot of hope in this woman. To me, whenever I looked at her, I was seeing the first female Vice President of this country who would probably be the first female President of Zambia and I believe that I am not the only one who had such hopes. But those words from Ms. Nawakwi are really disappointing and I don’t think they should come from a person like her who was in government for many years and a Finance Minister for that matter. Even if she hates HH, this is not the way to hate someone, her dislike of HH is beyond hatred. The two high profile women who visited Zambia in the past few days, are not only visiting Zambia but some other African countries as well. For example, Kristalina Georgieva last visited Africa in December, 2021, she visited DR Congo and Senegal and this time she is visiting Zambia and Rwanda. If she came to Zambia pass her condolences to the dying UPND, what condolences is she passing to Rwanda? What condolences did she pass to DR Congo and Senegal? The US treasury Secretary is visiting Senegal, Zambia and South Africa, if she came to pass her condolences to the dying UPND, what condolences is she passing to Senegal and South Africa? Nawakwi’s rantings do not make sense to anyone except to herself and her fellow haters of HH. You should know that IMF or Donor money is tax payers’ money where it comes from and the owners of the money have the right to make follow ups and see how their money is being utilized. Both women expressed happiness because their money, unlike in the past, is being put to good use or intended purpose. You are saying HH lied to the Zambian people but the International Community is saying that HH is doing the right thing(s) because this is what he told us when we gave him the money and that is the reason why we gave him the money. In the past, to hear of money being stolen became normal, no one could get alarmed at all, for example, last week we read about K533 million being shared at Ministry of Finance under the previous administration and to that effect, some names were mentioned in the scandal. Then, we still remember how huge sums of money were stolen from Ministries of Health, Education and Community Development. We saw the Minister of Community Development being fired, 80 officers at Ministry of Education being suspended. Was it not the biggest suspension in Zambia, Africa if not the whole world. Those who think I am talking from the blues, are mistaken because on 18the September, 2018, this is what BBC reported: “The UK has frozen aid funding to Zambia, after its government admitted that $4.3m (£3.3m) meant for poor families had gone missing. The move follows allegations of corruption within President Edgar Lungu’s administration.” Money from the Social Cash Transfer programme was used to buy expensive vehicles, Africa Confidential added. It was also reported that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had suspended lending to the country (Zambia) as it was worried that its debt was unsustainable. After this report, the UK government through its Department for International Development (DfID) demanded for the refund of that money and embarrassingly, the Zambian Government agreed to refund the money. I wonder if Madame Nawakwi had heard or seen all these things happening under HH’s Administration, I don’t know what she would be saying and where she would be standing, may be on top of Findeco House. The above mentioned stories and many more were not good for our country because they were a perpetual hindrance to economic growth and a big scare to investors. So contrary to what Ms Nawakwi is saying, the International Community has all the reasons to feel happy because all these stories of their money being stolen here and there, are no longer there and instead of cutting or suspending the Aid, they are now pledging to give us more money. Are you not proud of having such a leader like?
    Africa-China or Zambia-China relationship has been intact and is still intact since Independence, KK left them intact, so are Chiluba, Mwanawasa, RB, Sata and Lungu. But the Africa-America relationship is the one which has been limping because Americans themselves admit that the Trump Administration with its slogan of “America First” neglected US-Africa relations. This is how US Treasury Secretary’s visit was reported; “US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is visiting South Africa. This is the last stop of her three African nation tour that saw her visit Senegal and Zambia. The tour is part of an effort to highlight the Biden-Harris Administration’s work in deepening US-Africa ties. This includes expanding trade and investment flows while promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth. The effort follows former President Donald Trump’s neglect of US-Africa relations. That being the case, it is appropriate for the President to start with US-Africa relations because it is the one which needs attention. Why rushing for China-Zambia relations which are intact? Even emergencies, you don’t rush to pick those who are still okay or those who are already dead, but you priotize those who are injured and are gasping for breath. That is what HH is doing otherwise we need both we need both America and China. If America is our Father, then China is our Mother, so as a child, it is being foolish and irresponsible if you only love your Father and neglect your Mother and vice versa, you only love your Mother and neglect your Father, are both of them not your parents? If HH is working so hard to unite Zambia, I am sure he wants to see the same unity at international or global level. His dealings with the west is a response to Biden-Harris Administration’s work in deepening US-Africa ties which were almost forgotten about during the four-year rule of Donald Trump and not necessarily isolating China. America wants to put Africa on the equal footing with the other Continents. At the same time, HH is trying hard to expand trade and investment flows while promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth for Zambia. So we like all these counties, we like America, we like China, Canada, UK, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Japan, North and South Korea and all the countries of the world. They need us just as we need them.


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