Not Even The EU Can Stop Our Oil Project – Museveni


In light of the European Union censuring Uganda’s oil project, President Museveni says it will continue no matter what.

On Friday, the president vowed to continue with the massive and controversial East African oil project. He dismissed a resolution by the European lawmakers calling for it to be delayed over “rights violations”.

TotalEnergies and the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) signed a $10-billion agreement earlier this year to develop Ugandan oilfields.

Apparently, it will ship the crude oil through a 1,445-kilometre (900-mile) pipeline to Tanzania’s Indian Ocean port of Tanga.

The scheme ran into hurdles from rights activists and environmental groups. These revealed that it threatens the livelihoods of a big number of people and fragile ecosystems in the region.

Apparently, over 100,000 people might be displaced which called for their adequate compensation.

Following a meeting with MPs on Friday, president Museveni took to Twitter to voice his resolve.

“Total Energies convinced me about the Pipeline idea; if they choose to listen to the EU Parliament, we shall find someone else to work with…Either way, we shall have our oil coming out by 2025 as planned. So, the people of Uganda should not worry,” Museveni twitter.

Earlier on Thursday Uganda’s deputy speaker, Thomas Tayebwa, also reacted angrily to the EU parliament resolution.
“These are projects which were approved by the parliament of Uganda, the parliament of a sovereign country and anything to do with challenging their approval is an affront to the independence of this house and we cannot take it lightly,” he said.

However though? Total energies had taken steps to reduce on the impact the project will have in people’s lives and the environment.

“We are doing everything we can to make it an exemplary project in terms of transparency, shared prosperity, economic and social progress, sustainable development, with environmental consideration and respect for human rights,” it said in reaction to the EU parliament resolution.

In the past, President Museveni has hailed the project saying it will be a huge economic boost for a landlocked country.


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