Antonio Mwanza


In case we forgot,

Government is still subsidising fuel in form of Tax Waivers.

The latest fuel hike does not take into account the tax waiver in the form of (VAT, Excise Duty and Import Duty) which we are still enjoying up to the next 2 months.

Now think of what will happen to the fuel prices after the Tax Waiver is removed?

What happened to the removal of the so called Middle Men and the Corruption from the fuel procurement chain?

Let’s brace ourselves for the worst.

Antonio Mourinho Mwanza


  1. Achikulile ba Mwanza, the Tax Waiver is not cast into concrete, it has already been extended once in June this year, what makes you think after two months Boma will not extend it again or waive it permanently? Please find something more positive to say, not always dwelling on negatives, some of these issues require bipartisan narrative, relocate to Saudi Arabia where they produce oil, it is a free world Baba!

  2. These are not the last fuel increases we are going to experience. Botswana just increased the fuel prices a few days ago. The population understands what is happening. But pa Zed we have people who think they are more clever than anybody else.
    As long as Russia continues its unjustified war against Ukraine, you don’t expect things to get better any soon.

  3. Now think of if PF had won this chap has already revealed they were going to tax it heavily. By this time fuel would have been K50 per litre.

  4. The same chipantepante regime brought the country to were we are today. Don’t blameHH7. He is trying to solve the problems you created imwe ba mukukulu, ba pompwe MUSHIBILA nsala iwe.

  5. Nothing ever positive to come out of this PF surrogate. Leave UPND to lead this country for a better tomorrow.

  6. The new dawn administration is managing the fuel situation carefully. Subsidies are introduced in measured doses to tame the situation from escalating out of control. This is a wise strategy unlike unleashing all the resources at once like a hunter who fires all the bullets at once to kill a lion, hoping no other predators may be lurking nearby.


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