Former Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has advised ministers in the new dawn administration to let off their hands in the affairs of civil servants for the sake of productivity in government.

The former cabinet minister has signed out the recent impromptu visit by minister of health Sylvia Masebo at Lusaka’s Chipata level one hospital where she took a swipe at some health personnel who were alleged found pressing their mobile phones, that such a move and remarks by the minister of health is a clear intimidation to the health workers.

He says there is no proof pointing to any of the nurses or doctors who were playing with their phones while on duty hence it was wrong for the minister to conduct herself in such a manner which demeans a noble profession like that of nurses.

He adds that the minister should quickly come to the realization that this is 21st century where most of the works such required by health workers and other professionals can be done online hence the embarrassment on the health personnel was uncalled for.

Mr. Kampyongo says surprisingly the minister went on making wild allegations of medicines are getting missing in clinics and hospitals when in fact government knows very well that there are no such drugs in the facilities to be stolen by health workers as alleged by the Minister.

He has since advised the minister not to allow her political emontions to penetrate into the operation of the civil service as she is prisiding over a very sensitive ministry which requires a sober minister as opposed to someone who maybe overzealous.

Mr. Kampyongo says UPND ministers should not dare civil servants whose life span to the system is longer than that of a minister and any other politician.

Meanwhile the former Minister who is also Shiwang’andu MP has wondered why former defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba allies GBM has become a suspect of corruption under the UPND government the allegations which occured some years back and later on went to save as vice president of Hakainde Hichilema now president.

He said this during an exclusive interview with Muvi tv news in Kasama district of Northern province.



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