Peter Sinkamba says he will write to President HH to ensure that fired DPP Lillian Siyuni is stripped of the title of State Counsel

Lillian Fulata Shawa Siyuni
Lillian Fulata Shawa Siyuni

We, as the Green Party are very happy that President Hakainde Hichilema has fired the former Director of Public Prosecution Lillian Fulata Shawa Siyuni for contravention of the Constitution. This should be a lesson to all constitutional office holders that breach of the Constitution is a very serious matter. Breach of it is inexcusable at all, regardless. We commend the President for demonstrating leadership in this manner.

We however think that he should also strip her of the title of State Counsel. It is an insult to the Republic to allow a person who has committed a very serious offence against the people of Zambia by wilful contravention of the Constitution to retain the honour of State Counsel. In this regard, we will write the President and the Chief Justice to dishonor Ms Siyuni the title of State Counsel forthwith.

We also congratulate Mr. Gilbert Phiri for the appointment and hope that Parliament ratifies the appointment. He should learn lessons from Ms Siyuni that unlike the position he held at Anti-Corruption Commission, this particular one is people-driven. If he demonstrates incompetence or grossly misconducts himself, the people themselves will get him fired through JCC. We hear from Ms Mizinga Melu that lots of financial crimes have been reported by financial institutions to the Joint Investigations Team of which Mr Phiri was until yesterday a member but the team took no action. Mr. Phiri should know from the outset that such omission or mischief on constitutional matters because the people will hound him out of office in no time.

We would like to commend the JCC for being firm and resolute in dealing with the mischief of Ms Siyuni and urge the Commission to do the same to all complaints brought it. The Commission should always act without fear or favour to ensure our Constitution remains supreme law of the land and respected by all regardless.

Finally, we commend the citizens who dutifully and courageously petitioned Ms Siyuni at JCC in defence of the Constitution. We salute you all. We urge them to continue performing this constitutional vigilantly all the time.


  1. This is so “dull” and yet educated. What kind of foolishness is this which makes her prioritise friendship to duty.
    She choose to be loyal to her corrupt friends in PF instead of doing the right thing for the country. She has ruined her career which she could have easily salvaged by resigning or accepting a different appointment. Everything she worked for including her pension is now in doubt because she misconducted herself.

  2. Thanks Mr President for your decision Now we need convictions for all the corruption cases. Criminals are regrouping everywhere and they are big headed. New DPP settle down quickly and get to duty……we need heads to roll no fear.


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