THE Lusaka High Court has slapped a 10 year sentence on a suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadre Weluzani Banda for attempted murder.

Judge Lameck Mwale has delivered the verdict.

Judge Mwale has justified his decision to send Banda to prison for ten years as a deterrent measure to the would be offenders and perpetrators of political violence.

Banda was charged of attempted murder for having allegedly shot at Joseph Lwimba a suspected United Party for National Development (UPND) cadre in Lusaka’s Chawama area during the August 12, 2021 General Election .

Meanwhile, Lwimba, the victim has praised the judiciary for sending his assailant to jail.

He said justice has prevailed, thereby inspiring judicial confidence in the eyes of members of public.

Credit: ZNBC Today


  1. I expect the plunderers and murderers and looters to go in for much much longer than this one who simply attempted or tried to kill.

    • This sentencing is now sending chills in most pf guys whose cases are in court, be corruption, assault, murder or theft and looting of gov money.


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