PF MPs WALK OUT OF PARLIAMENT….in protest of the continued arrests and mistreatment of MPs by the state police



….in protest of the continued arrests and mistreatment of MPs by the state police.

LUSAKA……… Wednesday, 7th June, 2023 [Smart Eagles]

Leader of Opposition In Parliament Brian Mundubile has castigated the New Dawn Administration on the Continued violation of Human Rights.

This comes in the wake of alleged abductions and arrests being effected on opposition Members of Parliament without giving them call outs.

And Hon Mundubile has justified the action by oppsosition MPs to walk out of Parliament today.

He said the move was meant to send a message to Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu that opposition MPs will not stand idle and allow to be harrassed and mistreated by the Police.

Hon Mundubile has since urged the Inspector General of Police to act within the law and ensure that the top command is fully trained on how to treat a Member of Parliament.

He said while the MPs are well respected outside the country, they are treated like Criminals locally

“We have seen a trend by the police in the recent past to abduct the members of parliament, arrest them without being given callouts. In the recent weeks, Hon Robert Kalimi and Hon Christopher Shakafuswa were arrested without being given call Outs. It is not our position that members of Parliament are immune from arrests. They still remain eminable to the law but the manner of arrest must be orderly in such a way that they are arresting somebody who is respected. What is wrong in giving an MP a call out,” he said.

Hon Mundubile further alleged that the police are being given instructions Direct from State House on how to harrass opposition MPs.

“President Hakainde Hichilema Intends to instill fear in the members of parlaiment because attempts have been made to try and get them on the UPND side,” he said.

And the Victims of alleged police mistreatment Hon Robert Kalimi, Malole MP, Hon. Munir Zulu-Lumezi MP and Christopher Shakafuswa-Mandevu MP also expressed their displeasure on the police conduct.

Hon Kalimi said the separation of powers is under threat in the country as evidenced through the arrests of the MPs without the knowlege of the speaker.

In supporting the Statement, Hon Shakafuswa said he will continue speaking against injustice, defend the democracy of the nation and challenge the continued abuse of the police by the New Dawn Government.

And Hon Zulu wondered why it is the same police squad arresting the people from the opposition particularly those from certain regions.


  1. Insoni ebunthu. If the person speaking was not from the party that had no regard for what he is seeing now would make sense. Just. Enjoy the ride and hopefully lessons are being learnt even for the current ones. The rule of law should be respected at all times. Never live above the law!

  2. State police follow and arrest people who have committed crimes or suspects of criminal activities. Well done state police . Those guilty of felonies can keep walking out of parliament but it snot going to stop the arrests.

  3. When you arrest someone, it should normally be after conclusion of investigations and you’re sure that you have got the right person. You therefore pick them up and tell them why they’re being arrested and you then get a statement from them. A police officer can also arrest a person they have personally seen committing a crime. I hope this walk-out from Parliament was preceded by an angry speech on the floor of the house by the Leader of the Opposition Brian Mundubile. Protest is a right in a democracy. I hope there will be a reaction from the Minister of Home Affairs & Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu.

  4. Infact this is just ka dyonko….If it means bunching you in kasalanga let it be so. The PF MPs are so arrogant and pompous that they need proper humbling . You must wakeup from utopia. Infact you need minimum force so that you know that you are just as human as the people you mistreated. Police please go go forward. Let PF MPs feel it for abusing the police in their time…..ponda nyani, langa nyani, no chifundo….

  5. There is no ethnic cleansing these foolish MPs must be caged. They did acts thinking they would never be charged. Shakafuswa your order to your youths to throw stones at Police was ignored, that should send a strong message to you that politics of stone throwing died with PF. Running to tribe when you committed a criminal act will not save you. Munir was fishing all over to sound relevant. Even Maliki, the law protects every one. That woman.or man he tried to subdue and sell their small car just because he was MP is as equal before the law as he is. Why did he not seek insurance to fix his car? Was his vehicle not insured? If should not have been on the road in the first place! We thankfully have a govt that is treating everyone equal before the law. Don’t look to a diplomatic passport to be treated with respect locally, look to your conduct. Munir has continued to tell lies and is facing defamation charges and crying ethnic cleansing! What rubbish.


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