Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) President Dr. Nevers Mumba says Patriotic Front officials are in a state of dizziness after losing power in the last August general elections.

Dr. Mumba has predicted that PF officials, who have been vocal after losing power, will go quiet in the next two to three months as they face justice.

Speaking in an interview with veteran broadcaster Frank Mutubila on Capital Radio on Thursday morning, Dr. Mumba further accused the PF regime of raping the Zambian economy through dubious means.

“This kind of attitude (arrogance) will continue for a few more weeks and then it’s going to die out. It is a dream, they think they are dreaming that it is not real. They have lost power and yet they have.I mean you are talking to a guy who has been in Government before and in a party that lost power. There is a period of time we call it “stupid period” in political genesis. It is called a stupid period. A stupid period if you went to drink last night and later on in the morning up to 09h00 you are feeling like a little dizzy over the influence of the liquor you took last night,” Dr. Mumba said.

“The dizziness is still with our colleagues in the PF. The salutes of the policemen and the flag flying in front of their vehicles. It is very destructive to a mind that did not deserve to hold those positions and eventually had that position so they remain under that dizziness for a while. Their language is defiant not knowing the policemen have switched sides, they are now on the side of the law, justice and Government so they will not sustain it because the law does not stop because you insult them, the law keeps going,” he said.

“They will insult as they go into Chimbokaila (Lusaka Central Prison), as they go to Kabwe Maximum Prison they will be insulting and the voices will become dimmer or rather fainter and fainter. And in the next two months, three months with the fast track court coming this country will be quiet; our colleagues in the last administration will be no more. I am just speaking now as a Prophet of God because when I listen to the way they are speaking. The best thing to do when you run the country aground is to feel apologetic and be quiet and when the police are asking you questions, cooperate. If you are innocent you will be set free but if you are arrogant it is also a sign that you are probably guilty,” Dr. Mumba added.

On numerous corruption allegations being leveled against PF officials, Dr. Mumba called for justice to prevail.

“We have made ourselves very clear that time has come for the issues of this nation to finally be resolved and hold every individual accountable. I want to be honest and put it on record that one of the reasons that the Zambians voted in such great numbers for this President and this Government was precisely to end this mess. It is therefore incumbent upon this current President to continue to push as hard as he can in order to gain the confidence of the voters who believed that the former President (Edgar Lungu) and his administration raped the economy of this country to un-proportional levels that we have never seen since Independence,” Dr. Mumba said.

Dr. Mumba, a former diplomat, said Zambians were anxious to see how the New Dawn Government would handle the crusade against corruption.

“More than 80% of Zambians have the gut feeling that the previous Government did unthinkable things and therefore when we read those things they literally make you sick that people who call themselves Zambians and apparently born in this country, educated by the free money of this country can go out there and deliberately rape the economy of this country.”

“We are all sitting on our tentacles waiting to see how this administration is going to wipe away the tears of Zambians and satisfy our anxiety on what is going to happen to those responsible,” said the former Republican vice President during the MMD regime.


    we are patiently waiting for results…

    1000000 $ fire tenders.
    Turkey, Zambian mission/embassy sagga
    and many more too numerous to mention !!!

  2. This is true man of God. They still living in limbo and not knowing that they are no longer in the offices Zambians entrusted them. Imagine upto now wants ECL to continue president when He used to say he was going to beat HH more 500,000 when it was double opposite way.

    The followers are following them up because they believe they have money and that when time to drop them down, no one will ever say they are CK etc. Wise men like GBM and Mumbi Phiri have started making friendship silently with UPND. You will never hear them talk or speak out evil against UPND.


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