Cephas Chisanga writes

This is a well calculated move to look for sympathy from the public. Have you seen how they have rushed to social media to accuse the state….?

I have always said, this group of mafias will never repent for as long as they are bitter for losing an election. It is difficult to believe it is a break-in understanding too well how PF manipulates scenes. There are one or two police officers armed at the residence, how can a thief enter without them noticing. We are not kids, we Know what PF are trying to organizing. They still believe and dream that Mr Lungu can come back to politics. This should not be used as a political ladder to gain some little support or sympathy from citizens.

Let this man rest, all you want is to eat his money. Honestly, even when you have no heart, how can you ecourage and lie to Mr Lungu that he is still politically strong. You have continued misleading him with fake hopes like it was just to eat his money. Please if you love him , leave him alone to rest. For your own information, BALLY has no time to fight Mr Lungu. HH has tried to bring his brother closer but you kandiles have blocked that realizing that once peace is restored, you will have nothing to lie about HH to eat more from him. This is exactly how you misled him even when he was in power.

Not too long ago,we know how PF used to burn markets, gased people and did many more criminal activities and faked it on HH. This is the same game they have started to use to seek for sympathy from Zambians. To tell you the truth, HH or UPND is not scared of Mr Lungu, PF is gone and it will never come back.

Questions begging for answers. Where were the security officers..? Do we have the security cameras (CCTV)…? If Power went off, why didn’t they use a generator or solar system…? Do we have any picture for the breaking…? Lastly, why has the PF members rushed to the media almost with same statement of accusing the state of being responsible when the police have not concluded their investigation..?

All these questions will point to somewhere near PF. Remember what happened when they burned City Market. We saw how vice president lnonge Wina cried like an actress and other PF members rushed to the media to condemn the UPND. This is the game they know best. We can not buy into this cheap propaganda by Chilufya Tayali because of his stomach and bills.

Buy Zed and remember to put Zambia first.

Mine is to open your eyes.

True Son of the soil.



  1. Cephas Chisanga you have said all in your article. I get surprised how Police can be dribbled by con men in this country. Police are supposed to be on top of things a step ahead of every criminality to be done so as to abet such things like these.

  2. Cephas has no head.
    How do the PF in its current state, where not even a security guard at G4 would want to work with them, manage to stage such an act using UPND government’s machinery?.
    If this was a PFs job why hasn’t the government arrested the assigned officer for putting the UPND government’s name in disrepute?. They would have been more excited to expose the rot in PF.

  3. Yep smells like a rat . Ba lungu you should be careful with those that surround you. It seems you are not learning anything. They made you lose now they want to use you so that they can continue milking you. They are stealing your stuff, open your eyes. They all went to social media with the same story, looks like there was a meeting to push an agenda. These are conmen, thieves, fraud stars and it’s sad how gullible some citizens are. Sad .

  4. One wonders how sane minds would still want to side with pf even in it’s current so hopeless situation. Your friend HH is eyes on the ball trying to fix the broken economy but these riffraffs who once ruled the country wouldn’t even be ashamed of their reckless, meaningless, and idiotic attempts to distract HH from his concentration of the economy. Even in opposition they are stuck to their old ways of kaponya mentality. How the hell do you think Zambians will even think of you for next in government? After stealing from yourselves you now think there is someone there to buy your rot. No wonder we chucked you out of power. Steal more from your former president if you think that that will serve you better with hopeless politics after all even him just stole from public funds,. Wait and see the results of the investigations. These monkopteraz…

  5. In fact, b4 we are idiots enough to buy that fake story you pf must be idiots enough in the first place to think we can buy that dull man’s story. Stupid Gassers


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