POLICE in Lusaka are investigating a case in which criminals attacked and robbed a marketing manager at Crown Miller K1 million.

This follows reports that a pharmacist was allegedly shot by police in a case of mistaken identity.

However police have clarified that they recorded a report of aggravated robbbery which occured yesterday around 14:30 hours along Mopani Road in Kamwala Madras area.

Police spokespersoon Rae Hamoonga said Masood Mussa aged 37, a marketing manager at Crown Miller, reported that he was attacked and robbed of cash money amounting to one million kwacha by unknown criminals.

Mr Hamoonga said while using his motor vehicle a Toyota Rav 4 Registration number BAJ 9911 went to collect K1 million a property of Crown Miller from Hussein Wholesalers in Chaisa compound and proceeded to madras.

He said before Mr Mussa reached home, he was blocked by three armed criminals who were using a silver Toyota Mark X who commanded the complainant to open the boot of the motor vehicle where he had put the money in a plastic bag.

“When the victim tried to resist, the criminals fired a shot on the ground before they subsequently got the money and sped off.

Fortunately, one of the onlookers managed to capture the number plate of the said vehicle as BAT 9578,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga said after the report was made, police quickly dispatched a patrol team to look out for the same vehicle which was last seen heading to Kamwala south.

“Whilst in Kamwala area about 16:00 hours the officers came across the said motor vehicle bearing Registration BAT 9578 silver in colour and the driver was challenged by officers. Unexpectedly, the driver sped off and despite several warning shots he didn’t hid to the warnings. In the process, one stray bullet that was aimed at the tyre hit the driver on the lower back and consequently hit into the wall fence as he failed to negotiate at a curve,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga said the suspect , Victor Chirwa Mulenga aged 27 of unknown house in Libala South and was with Peggy Chirwa aged 27 years of the same address.

He said he suspect was rushed to UTH where he is currently being treated for a gunshot wound and police are guarding him.

Mr Hamoonga said police are investigating the matter.

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  1. I repeat my comment of yesterday, “a bullet aimed for the tyre can not hit the driver in the lower back”. The car seat position is way higher than the tyre. The police IG should retrain his officers in shooting.
    The other issue here is that the police were on patrol and I believe they were in a vehicle, so why didnt the pursue the suspect instead of the wild shootings that ensued?

  2. Don’t insult our intelligence, You are trigger happy and excited for nothing. You think you are still in the reighn of terror of the pf regime where you were shooting people for fun?
    We all know how to shoot and if there was a car chase ,are you not trained how to trail a speeding vehicle?
    You have to account for your actions.This guy’s carreer may be over because of your stupidity and idiocy.
    This time we the Zambians will demand action to be taken.You are a Police service not force. Did the criminal shoot that guy and besides why move with such an amount with no armed escort? YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO OPEN FIRE ON AN UNARMED CITIZEN!

  3. Criminals would not be moving around in the same car they had used to rob someone. Police have no common sense. Number plates are useless to identify a criminal because they can be cloned. Check the database and find out the owner of the vehicle. You will kill many innocent people with your recklessness.


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